Kate Middleton White Outfit Epsom Races 2011

11 Photos of Kate Middleton’s Excellent Up Dos

Kate Middleton White Outfit Epsom Races 2011

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Sometimes an up do can be either super-severe, boring or kinda tacky.  However, when you have hair spun from the wings of angels, it’s almost guaranteed that your photo is brought into every salon across the globe with the instruction: “I want that.”

So regal.  So delicate.  So queen-like.

Hair like that need not be held together by bobby pins.  Far too basic.

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Tea and pearls.  Pearls and tea.  

Best up do EVER (earrings by Kiki McDonough).

One more!  One More!

When we first realized that Kate’s hair did more than just bounce.  It could be gathered together and turned into something marvelous, too.

That Jenny Packham dress is the stuff of dreams.

First outing as HRH Duchess of Cambridge.   Nails it (love the Whiteley hat, BTW).


“Hello America.  Very kind of you to stand in the freezing cold to see me.”

Image via Splash News

Image via Splash News

“What I have cannot be taught.”

Kate Middleton DVF Dress Prince William Leave Royal Variety Performance

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