Prince Harry Inspires a Future Paralympian

Prince Harry Meets Amputee Rio Woolf

Photo Credit: Juliette Woolf/Royal Central

When he was just 14-months-old, Rio Woolf underwent a through-knee amputation. He was born without a tibia, knee or ankle joint, a rare condition called Tibial Aplasia.  These days, the six-year-old is inspired by the Paralympics and, most recently, the Invictus Games, with hopes to one day become part of the games.

Royal Central recently spoke to Woolf and his mother, Juliette about meeting Prince Harry at the Invictus Games.

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Cressida Bonas is Sexing Up Her Look, And it’s Working

Cressida Bonas Percy Wedding Northumberland

Stephen Lock / i-Images

Ah, Cressida Bonas.  So young, so sprightly, so full of bohemian spirit is she that a scrunchie serves as the accessory for theater-going.

While Bonas has become famous for looking like an unmade bed, her recent outings prove that the girl might be cleaning things up a little bit (a little, not a lot).

The papers are going mad with talk of a rekindled romance between Bonas and Prince Harry, after it was reported that they split back in April.  According to the Daily Mail and other outlets, the lovebirds caught a showing of Sex Tape at the Kensington Odeon before going their separate ways (he in his chauffeured car, she in taxi), and by separate ways I mean diversionary tactic to put busy bodies off their scent, and meet back at KP.

They tried hard to blend in,” someone at the theater told the Sun (via People).  “None of the other cinemagoers seemed to realize.”

Sources told People that one of the reasons for their split was that Bonas found the relationship “stifling” and that she was unable to “be her own person.”

Who are these chicks who consider a relationship with Prince Harry to be “stifling?”  Have they not had the guidance of a mother like Carole Middleton?  Dig in those heels, girls, and hold on in the name of history (and jewelry).  You can be your own woman and still be Princess Henry of the United Kingdom.

“They were really in love with each other, and it was a painful decision to part,” the source added.  “Their relationship wasn’t working out.”

One would like to point out that Bonas has pulled a “Kate Middleton” as of late, saucing up her look and really showing Harry (and the public) that she’s hot-to-trot.