BREAKING NEWS: My Royal Coverage Doesn’t Stop at the House of Windsor

Kate Middleton Red LK Bennett Coat Copenhagen


Sometimes I like to dabble in continental royalty.  I know.  Pick that jaw up off the floor.

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, she-who-is-so-chic and hails from Argentina, has been King Willem-Alexander‘s consort since April 30th, 2013, when his mother (Princess Beatrix) abdicated in favor of her son.


The elegance:


The diplomacy:


The jewelry:


The sportsmanship:


The deference (although not as frequently these days. Queen trumps Princess):


The jewelry again:


The humor:


The Royal Wedding:


Almost Queen:



Tah Dah!



Also, Willem-Alexander looks like my dad. Does that make me…royalty?


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2 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: My Royal Coverage Doesn’t Stop at the House of Windsor

  1. Marcos Antônio Mont' Alverne says:


    Sua Majestade Rainha Maxima,

    Eu, Marcos Antônio Mont’ Alverne , respeitosamente me apresento à Vossa Majestde.
    Como admirador da Família Real da Holanda, lhe desejo que = DEUS SALVE ARAINHA, DEUS SALVE O REI ALEXANDER, DEUS SALVE A HOLANDA
    Sou da Cidade de Taubaté, Estado de São Paulo, Brasil.


    Marcos Antônio Mont’ Alverne
    Taubaté, São Paulo, Brasil.

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