Ellie Goulding is Friends With Prince Harry, Already Sent Congrats to Kate Middleton

Prince William Kate Middleton Royal Wedding Balcony

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I knew that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge loved her rendition of “Your Song” so much that they asked her to perform it for their first dance, but I had no clue that Ellie Goulding was buds with Prince Harry.  She’s like the Joanna Lumley to his Prince Charles.

I sent my congratulations already because I’m friends with Harry,” Goulding, 27, told Us Magazine. “I think I may be seeing them all this week pending on how Kate is feeling.”

Goulding, who will perform at the Invictus Games closing ceremony on Sunday, added that news of a sibling for Prince George is “just beautiful.”


“They’re an incredible couple and I’m sure they’re incredible parents,” she said.  “I’m just very happy for them.”



Goulding had the massive honor of performing for Will and Kate at their evening reception on April 29th, 2011, but it took every ounce of will power not to tell anyone beforehand.


“In the weeks before, everyone I know was talking about the wedding, and I sat like [puts knuckles in her mouth], trying not to say anything,” Goulding told Marie Claire UK last February

“I kept it to myself for so long – but no one would have believed me anyway.”


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