Prepare Thy Ovaries, Ladies: Prince Harry at the WellChild Awards


or those of you not already lined up to see if the shoe fits, I invite you to look at the below photos of chocolate-covered Prince Harry at tonight’s WellChild Awards in London.

After the huge success of the Invictus Games, the organization’s patron met with sick children at the Park Lane Hotel, getting down on his knees so that he was face-to-face with the night’s guests of honor.

One little whipper-snapper, 4-year-old Carson, was a “live wire,” according to Harry.  Carson’s had over 40 operations, and has to carry around a machine that helps him breathe through a tube.

When Carson told Harry he had four older sisters, Harry joked “I would hate to have four sisters!”

Too right, Your Royal Highness.


He was absolutely lovely and just amazing with Carson,” mom Kirsty told the Daily Mail of Harry.


Chatting with honorees and accepting thoughtful gifts were among  the highlights of the evening; the Prince graciously accepted a piggy bank (“I haven’t had one since I was a child so I had better start saving my pennies in it,” he joked) and a picture drawn in his likeness, complete with ginger hair (“Is that meant to be me?”).

During the ceremony, Harry praised the resilience of those battling life-threatening illnesses.

“You are an example to us all,” Harry told the audience.    “We can learn a great deal from your strength of character, resolve and humour in facing down challenges every day.”


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