Prince William Fends Off Royal Pregnancy Concerns in Oxford

Prince William Suit Holds Prince George Blue Sweater

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Update 9/8: William graciously gave a brief interview to the press during today’s visit, saying that he was “thrilled” about having another child.

She’s feeling ok thanks,” William said, according to the Daily Mirror. “It’s been a tricky few days, a week or so.

“But basically we are thrilled, it’s great news, early days.

“We are hoping things just settle down and she feels better…He added: “I’m going to go and look after her now.”

I can only imagine the scene inside Apartment 1A this morning.   Prince William, protective as hell, making sure the Duchess of Cambridge was well looked after by doctors.  Just as it was with her first pregnancy, the couple decided to not wait until Kate was safely out of her trimester, for fear the press coverage would be too much to handle. 

I’m sure William was a little reluctant to step out of his car today at Oxford University to a barrage of questions and comments regarding the news that broke: His wife was pregnant with their second child, but she was again struck down with hyperemesis gravidarum. So, William greets the crowd, pets a child’s head and braces himself for what will be a rather long day.





Kensington Palace will not say at this time whether or not Kate will cancel her two-day trip to Malta on September 20th, her first solo tour in celebration of the country’s 50th anniversary of independence from the UK.  She is, the palace confirmed, still planning on attending the Invictus Games opening ceremony this Wednesday.

Baby Cambridge will be fourth in line to the British Throne, and will no doubt be referred to as “the spare,” just like his or her Uncle Harry was before Prince George‘s birth.  This will bump Harry to spot #5, which must send Prince Andrew over the edge, Princess Diaries 2-style.


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