Stop Trying to Make the Kate Middleton-Kim Kardashian Connection Happen


UghyouguysImsoannoyed.  Sometimes media outlets take a slow news day and turn it into what they consider clickable gold.  I just consider it irritating.


The imaged scene: AM pitch meeting.

The mood: Fraught as no one’s had a good story idea since Will and Kate got engaged #clickbait.

Boss: “Right, who’s got something that will draw readers in, regardless of the content’s relevancy or quality?”

Tired Editor: “Well, Kim Kardashian just went to Australia will Kanye West and their daughter, North, and Kate Middleton was there in April with Prince William and their son, Prince George. ”

Boss: “And?”

Tired Editor: “Um, maybe we could draw fashion similarities and refer to Kim Kardashian as some form of royalty.”

Boss: “Brilliant.  Just come up with photos of them wearing the same color.  That’s pretty much where the similarity ends.”

Tired Editor: “Neat.  No one will mind that I call them both royalty.  It’ll be fine.”

“Who am I being compared to? The one with the saucy video and the plump backside?”

The result: A rundown of West and Kardashian’s time in Australia, which was spent taking selfies, pouting in way-too-tiny ensembles and staring at the ground while making their way to a private car/luxury boutique/fan meet-and-greet.  The similarities between their trip and that of the Cambridges is enough to convince you that they might as well be spirit animals.

“The working vacay reminded us of another husband-wife Down Under adventure: Kate Middleton and Prince William’s royal tour of Australia and New Zealand back in the spring,” Elle wrote.

“So, since we’re dealing with two different types of fashion royalty, it seemed only natural to compare the two’s best style moments.

“#Casual” was the caption for this modest Instagram.

Nope.  Nope, shut it down.  Shut that sh*t down and put Kardashian right back where she belongs: On the other side of the spectrum, far away from the fairy tale aura, composure and tact that is Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

These girls feels me:


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3 thoughts on “Stop Trying to Make the Kate Middleton-Kim Kardashian Connection Happen

  1. Stephanie says:

    Kim choses to express herself in a certain way, that men have been allowed to express themselves in, but not women. Men can go shirtless and in speedos, but women have to be covered from head-to-toe. Maybe it’s a bit excessive on Kim’s part. But she’s proud of her body, she feels pretty and sexy so she wants to show a little of that off. Maybe it’s a bit too much, but women shouldn’t have to cover up completely. I love Kate dearly, but we don’t know the real her. It’s not her fault–it’s crazy royal protocol from 100 years ago when royals thought they were better that anyone else. But Kate is not really allowed to tell people outside of her inner circle, what her beliefs, ideas and opinions are. She can’t sit down for an interview and talk about something, that isn’t strictly guided. She can read a scripted speech, but she has to be all bottled up the rest of the time, and I feel for her in those circumstances . We can never agree with someone on everything, and I’m sure there are things Kate does privately that we won’t agree with. And we’ll see George and Charlotte grow up and possibly go through rebellious phases. They may be photographed with friends wearing Kardashian-like clothing. Their lives are very private, and we know less about who they truly are behind palace walls than we do about any other celebrity — including super private ones like Jennifer Garner. Royalty has always been mysterious , and their lives behind palace walls have been always kept private, because in centuries past they thought they were better and superior that their “subjects”. Today’s royalty do not think they are superior, but it’s part of royal protocol that the doors guarding their private lives remain locked and bolted. You are welcome to disagree, I’m just sharing my opinion. I do enjoy your blog very much 🙂

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