Make Like The Duchess and Tart(an) Yourself Up

Kate Middleton Black Watch Tartan Alexander McQueen Coat Christmas 2013

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As one grows older, warm weather trends seem too hip and too – in the words of Tina Fey – “not enough crotch.”

Crass, I know, but Lemon has a point.  While it’s all well and good to prance around in a summer dress, isn’t it lovely when autumn rolls around and you’re met with an array of seasonal options, some of which carry you right into the holiday season?   Continue reading

Prince William Suit Holds Prince George Blue Sweater

Prince George is “Very Curious,” Will Make a Splendid King

Prince William Suit Holds Prince George Blue Sweater

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While the Duchess of Cambridge battles severe morning sickness (it’s believed that she’ll soon be at the 12-week-mark), Prince George is blissfully unaware that his younger brother or sister is making mum so ill.  According to the most recent reports, Catherine is still not feeling well, which forces her to evaluate every engagement with her team up.  Continue reading

8 Times Kate Middleton Nailed the Whole “Poise and Grace” Thing

Kate Middleton Michael Kors Coat Australian War Memorial

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There isn’t a politically incorrect or disrespectful bone in the Duchess of Cambridge‘s body.

En route from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace after their 2011 nuptials, Catherine bowed that glorious, Cartier halo tiara-wearing head while Prince William saluted as they passed the Cenotaph in Whitehall. I remember thinking “that girl is classhy as sh**.”

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