Diana’s Niece, Lady Kitty Spencer “Delighted” By Comparison


She was only seven years old when her aunt died in that infamous Paris car crash, but Lady Kitty Spencer only recalls distant memories of Diana, Princess of Wales.  They are, however “happy memories,” according to the Daily Express.

When it was suggested that Kitty bears a striking resemblance to her late aunt, the South Africa-raised aristocrat was flattered.


“I suppose people will always try to make comparisons,” Spencer.  “But, gosh, if you think that, then I am really happy.”


Spencer shares both her aunt and first cousins’ philanthropic spirit, lending support to Give Us Time, a charity where vacation homeowners can donate their accommodations to soldiers in need of rehabilitation.

“A lot of charities focus on physical and emotional trauma, which is imperative,” Kitty said.  “But, for me, holding marriages and families together is paramount.”


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