Let’s Pretend Kate’s Having Twins And Answer This Very Important Question

I don’t want to encourage the rumor that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with twins, because we’ve played that game before.  However, I would love to play devil’s advocate and discuss which one would get to be the” spare” and which one could potentially make like his/her uncle and stage a crap production of It’s Another Royal Knockout.

As the Daily Mail taught me today (sometimes they are on the money, you guys), the last twins in the British line of succession were Alexander and James of the House of Stuart, born in October 1430.  Since older brother Alexander passed away before turning one, James became the heir apparent, and later James II of Scotland.


So, it’s really the delivery doctor’s call as to who is fourth in line to the throne.  And while we’d like to imagine a courtier holding a scary instrument to the doctor’s back as he’s forced to choose the more capable of two newborns (I’m being dramatic), childbirth is more “Make sure mom and baby(ies) are healthy before making any declarations” than it is “Pick the good spare!”

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With this in mind, perhaps the hypothetical babies (labeled A and B, respectively) can get an audio version of this story and fight one another for the the spare title.  Though honestly, the consolation prize of a privileged life, decent hair, legs for days and access to great-granny’s jewelry collection  sounds pretty cushy.

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