The Royal Help Is Using Dating Apps, And it’s Causing Security Issues

Certain members of the Queen’s staff are letting unvetted visitors into their living quarters, and while this is nothing new, the way in which it’s happening is.

The Daily Mail‘s Rebecca English reports that many members of Her Majesty’s 800 + staff are using dating apps like Tinder and Grnder, which use GPS locators to find local matches.  Continue reading

Dickie Arbiter on The Queen’s Actions After Diana’s Death


Dickie Arbiter handled press for both Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, and the Prince and Princess of Wales for a number of years, including the House of Windsor’s most turbulent decade.

Back in 2011, I spoke to Arbiter’s daughter, royal correspondent Victoria Arbiter, about her father’s job with the royal family.  Dickie was working for Leading Britain’s Conversation when opportunity came knocking.

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Let’s Pretend Kate’s Having Twins And Answer This Very Important Question

I don’t want to encourage the rumor that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with twins, because we’ve played that game before.  However, I would love to play devil’s advocate and discuss which one would get to be the” spare” and which one could potentially make like his/her uncle and stage a crap production of It’s Another Royal Knockout.

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