8 Times Kate Middleton Nailed the Whole “Poise and Grace” Thing

Kate Middleton Michael Kors Coat Australian War Memorial

[Stephen Lock / i-Images]

There isn’t a politically incorrect or disrespectful bone in the Duchess of Cambridge‘s body.

En route from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace after their 2011 nuptials, Catherine bowed that glorious, Cartier halo tiara-wearing head while Prince William saluted as they passed the Cenotaph in Whitehall. I remember thinking “that girl is classhy as sh**.”


Many will try it, few will nail it.  May I present The Poise:

What she has cannot be taught.



Mindy wore it best, didn’t she? Didn’t she, William?!



Remembrance Day + Pregnancy Hormones = Ultimate Poise With a Side of Tears.


Bi*** is flawless.



“Just resting my eyes because PRINCE GEORGE.


“I’m new at this so I’m going to drop my head as low as it can go while still showing off my blowout.”




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