Prince William Suit Holds Prince George Blue Sweater

Prince George is “Very Curious,” Will Make a Splendid King

Prince William Suit Holds Prince George Blue Sweater

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While the Duchess of Cambridge battles severe morning sickness (it’s believed that she’ll soon be at the 12-week-mark), Prince George is blissfully unaware that his younger brother or sister is making mum so ill.  According to the most recent reports, Catherine is still not feeling well, which forces her to evaluate every engagement with her team up. 


As for William and Catherine’s little bruiser?  He’s L-I-V-I-N.’

You can’t let him out of your sight for a millisecond,” a source told the Boston Herald. “He’s very curious – he opens anything with a door or a lid.”

Are you the cutest little podge, George?


The Cambridge’s nanny, Maria Borrallo, has been a “Godsend” to the family.

“Maria has a good routine with him. He just likes the stimulation of moving around and seeing different things,” said a sources “She takes him to the park, where they blend in with the crowd.  And she even brings him along when she’s running errands!”

The Daily Mail reported last week that Catherine and George spent some time at her parents’ Bucklebury home.  While Her Royal Highness rested, Carole Middleton took her grandson out to the shops.

“Served Kate Middleton’s mum & Prince George today at work,” one sales associate tweeted.  “He is gorgeous!”

Provided she’s feeling better, Catherine will help Prince William welcome the President of Singapore to London on October 21st.


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