Deborah Mitchell: Kate Middleton is “Gorgeous, On the Quiet Side” and Has Nearly Perfect Skin

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Deborah Mitchell, owner of British brand Heaven Skincare and the brilliant mind behind the famous bee venom mask (I’ve tried it.  I love it.), spoke to Hello! about two of her most famous clients, the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duchess of Cambridge

Kate is absolutely gorgeous and remarkably on the quiet side,” Mitchell, who started treating Catherine just before her 2011 wedding, said. “She’s so sweet though and she hasn’t got many spots. I’ve seen Kate and William together and they’re just wonderful.”

Prince Harry, who probably wanted to stick around during a treatment to see if anything bee-related occurred (swelling, stinging.  Stuff that boys find cool.) is “wonderful too,” according to Mitchell.

Mitchell describes Camilla as the “kindest, kindest person.”


And while Mitchell isn’t normally too impressed by her VIP clientele, entering Buckingham Palace was the first house call that gave her butterflies.

“It was nice but a bit surreal really. I felt like I was walking in a dream so I appeared really cool,” Mitchell recalled.  “Sometimes now I still think, actually I should really pinch myself.”

Camilla introduced Catherine to the product, which earned Mitchell an invite to her April 29th, 2011 wedding to William.  Since then she’s been treating both royal women, who use the Gold Bee Venom Mask ($732) and the Black Bee Venom Mask ($339), both of which act as a sort of natural face lift, while cleansing and tightening the skin.

Mitchell also told Hello! that both Camilla and Catherine use the line’s age defiance cream and the silk skin BB cream.

Other high-profile fans of the Heaven Skincare include Victoria Beckham, Simon Cowell, Robert Downey, Jr and Dannii Minogue.

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