Holiday Gift Guide: Have Chic Bag, Will Travel in Style

Kate Middleton Jeans Big Weekend Bag Umbrella

Image via Splash News

One needn’t fill their travel closet with Louis Vuitton weekend keepalls and Goyard steamer trunks.  Instead, the Posh-os grab their canvas leather bags, free of interlocking Ls, Vs and Cs, and pack the good jewelry in great-grandfather’s weekend tote (for dinner, to go with their black-tie garb). 

In keeping with the spirit of giving, do feel free to either gift a Kate Middleton fan with a weekend duffle, or tell nana that if you don’t accessorize like Kate, you’ll never get married.

The Duchess of Cambridge is a fan of Longchamp, the French brand famous for their nylon totes that can fit just about anything.


During William and Catherine’s Canadian royal tour of 2011, Longchamp bags were unloaded from Their Royal Highnesses, and every time I see J from GoFugYourself, she wears her New Navy Longchamp bag because she cares about my happiness (more honorable mentions to come, as she also sports Corkswoon wedges, a Smythe blazer and J. Brand jeans).  #Friendship


Alrighty, catch that train to the country so you don’t miss cocktail hour.

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