Prince Charles Shows Off His Sense of Humor While Recalling Awkward Interview

Prince Charles Molly Meldrum Countdown 1977[Image via YouTube/ABC TV]

I’ve always found the Prince of Wales funny, and appreciate that he enjoys making light of (most) situations.  Over the years the public has seen him loosen up, becoming somewhat of a character, and I think most people appreciate that.

Prince Charles earned a bad rap during his marriage to Diana, Princess of Wales as stiff and prone to complaining, but as the heir grows older, people in his company have noticed a thawing, revealing that dry, subtle Windsor humor that is hard to resist.


No other instance better displays Charles’ ability to play along and have a bit of fun than this video in which he recalls a 1977 interview with Australian TV presenter Molly Meldrum.

Countdown, a popular music TV show down under, is celebrating 40 years on the air.  According to People, His Royal Highness recorded a video about that infamous interview, in which Meldrum flubbed his lines and appeared very, very nervous.

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“Do you not have one of these teleprompters?” a young Charles asked.

“No,” Meldrum said, his face grey.


“Was it really 40 years ago?  It only seems like yesterday,” Charles recalled.  “I wish it were tomorrow.  I’d cancel it.”

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