Prince William Introduced as ‘Duke of Edinburgh’


What a lark!  Get your titles right, Master Of Ceremonies/London Toastmaster Richard Birtchnell.  I know you’re thrilled to be in the presence of royalty and have a million things going through your mind, but really… 


Prince William had a right laugh when Birtchnell introduced him as the “Duke of Edinburgh,” his grandfather, Prince Philip‘s title.


It was laughed off.  No one’s getting sent to the tower (is that joke old now?).

The Duke of Cambridge presented Melinda Gates with the Chatham House (The Royal Institute of International Affairs) Prize for her work on empowering women and ending poverty, according to Hello! Magazine.

Meanwhile, the real Duke of Edinburgh and the Queen celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary on November 20th, and marked the day by paying a visit to RAF Lossiemouth.  It’s hard to believe that Philip is 93, seeing how active he still is and how many engagements he still takes on.

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