Kate Middleton Hats 2014

Best of 2014: Kate Middleton’s Hats

Kate Middleton Hats 2014

Splash News/ i-images

We Americans are missing out on the hat game.  Since she started dating Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge has done a bang-up job of wearing the most delightful headwear to weddings and daytime engagements (Eug and Bea, take note).

One doubts that the potato chip hat worn to Zara Phillips‘ July 2011 wedding can be beat, but 2014 saw a bunch of new millinery designs that one approves of.  Continue reading

Queen Elizabeth Purple Dress Christmas Broadcast

The Queen’s 2014 Christmas Broadcast: Reconciliation and Goodwill

Queen Elizabeth Purple Dress Christmas Broadcast

YouTube/The British Monarchy

One can imagine that Commonwealth citizens gathered round their tellies at 3pm GMT to her the Queen give her annual Christmas broadcast.  My nana, who came down with a terrible sinus infection (she’s fine, thank you for asking), was able to catch the whole thing before popping round one’s house for a cranberry-vodka cocktail.  Continue reading

George Clooney ITV Downton Abbey Spoof

George Clooney Gives ‘Downton Abbey’ Quite a Scare

George Clooney ITV Downton Abbey Spoof


Downton Abbey imagined a world in which Lord Grantham (and his stupid decisions) didn’t exist, and I must say I much prefer order on the estate as opposed to what might have been.

In a parody produced by ITV to raise money for different charities, Lord Grantham receives a telegram confirming that yet another investment has gone sour.  He considers going for a drive to off himself, but is met by Patsy Stone the Angel (played by Joanna Lumley in a fantastic white pant suit).  Continue reading

The Week In Royal Pictures 12.19.14

Kate Middleton i Scout Sweatshirt Blindfolded Beaver Scout Event


Well, this week has been a treat, has it not?  Prince Harry was in his element, the Duchess of Cambridge gave us another one of her good ole’ side-eyes and Prince William insulted the hair.

One of the few constants in our lives, Queen Elizabeth II, hopped on a commuter train due northeast for Sandringham (King’s Cross to King’s Lynn, first class car) for the Christmas season.  Continue reading