31 Times Will and Kate Were Too Cute For Words

prince william kate middleton snowball photo op french alps

John Stillwell/WPA-Pool

Just in case you weren’t aware of how head-over-heels the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are for one another, I’ve put together a bunch of photos to drive the point home.

Ugh, smug marrieds.  Am I right?  

1. Christmas hand-holding.  Hand-holding at Christmas.  One’s never seen so much royal PDA in one’s entire life.


2. Catherine got her heel stuck in a grate.  William acted as her literal pillar of strength.


3. “I’m carrying his baby.  I know”

prince william speech new york kate smiles


4. I saw this and immediately signed up for LonelyDukesWhoNeedAWife.com


5. The couple who hand-prints together…


6. That time Catherine forgot to look poised.  It was awesome.

kate middleton birthday prince william cirque du soleil


7. These were the early days of post-wedding euphoria, and our heads nearly exploded at the site of William tying up his darling wife’s sweatshirt.  On top of a mountain.

Kate Middleton Prince William Red Sweatshirts Yellowknife

Image via Splash News

8. After William’s team beat Catherine’s in a dragon boat race, it was all smitten-kitten moments.


9. Guys, what are you whispering about?  How Fantasia Barrino was wrong and life is a fairy tale?


10. “Let’s groove, darling.  Canada makes me feel frisky.”

kate middleton purple issa dress concert canada 2011


11. Just Married. Totes in Love 4eva.


12. Will: “Wanna live here?” Kate: “K.”


13. Kate: “Hi” Will: “Silly goose.” 

prince william colonel irish guards uniform smiles kate middleton wedding dress westminster abbey


14. The baby’s been handed back to the nanny, so it’s time to giggle and get in the mood. #sparetime


15. My love for you is stronger than 3D vision, poppet.


16. Love means picking lint out of your partner’s ear.

kate middleton picks fuzz prince william 2010 interview


17. William lost, Catherine rubbed it in.  Things got almost as heated as a game of Scrabble.


18. Darling, look!  One’s got two turn tables and a microphone!


19. Harry: Fighter jets, find one somebody to love.


20. So many jokes about love at Wimbledon.


21. Is this the cutest?


No, this one is.


Nope, this one.


22. We both think deep thoughts at the same time.


23. Don’t make one laugh, darling.  One might get sick all over the state coach.


24. Will: “I love you, let’s have another.” Kate: “Can I let my uterus go back to normal first?”

Prince William Carries Princess Kate Middleton Walks To Car

Stephen Lock / i-Images

25.  Now Boarding: On The Wings of Love

Kate Middleton Prince William Hold Hands Buckingham Palace Grounds After Wedding

WUF / Splash News

26. You kids keep me young with those googly eyes.

Prince William Speaks Kate Middleton St. Patricks' Day 2015

Stephen Lock/i-Images

27.  Wedding Theme Dreams.

Prince William Tuxedo Kate Middleton Jenny Packham Gown Leave Met New York

Image via INFphoto.com

28.  <3 (I don’t know how to put emojis in here, but if I did, they’d be full of love).

William Puts Hand on Kate's Knee Boxing Commonwealth Games

Andrew Parsons / i-Images

29. Are they dancing?  Are they having a Swiss Alps snowball fight? Has the snow melted around them due to the overwhelming aura of romance?

prince william huge kate middleton french alps photo op

John Stillwell/WPA-Pool

30. “Give me an L!  Give me a U! Give me a V!”

kate middleton laughs prince william paralympic games

Mirrorpix / Splash News

31. “No one’s more dashing in a suit than you, darling.  And I forgive you for making me wear a dress and dragging me out to the cinema.”

kate middleton smiles prince william spectre premiere

Chris Jackson/WPA-Pool

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