The Best Moments From Will and Kate’s NYC Tour -Day 2

Kate Middleton Tory Burch Coat LeBro James Barclays Center

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Guys, was today the best or what?  Kids were thinking they were about to meet Elsa, common folk watched Prince William look for his seat on a shuttle to LaGuardia, LeBron James towered over two people I once considered tall.  It was just a day for the books. 

Let’s also give thanks to Sony for the Jumbotron, without which we would have had to “visualize” what William and Catherine thought of the basketball “match” (are you lot the cutest for calling it that?).

71-year-old Mary Dawkins, a grandmother of six, wrapped presents with Catherine in Harlem early on in the day. “We sat together wrapping gifts – she’s my girl,” Dawkins told Rebecca English.  “She said she has to wrap gifts when she gets home.”


Meet Hillary Clinton, my co-fangirl.


I know, girl-in-the-pink jacket.


Props to Stylist for bringing to my attention this very adorably, very #KateLuvsWills photo from today.  Forever young, ya’ll.


Hang me out to dry for saying this, but I was kind of yawns when Beyonce and Jay-Z came over to introduce themselves. No curtsies, no bows. Just hands stuck out.   Will & Kate > Beyonce & Jay Z.  However, Beyonce & Jay-Z are 10 x > than Kanye West & Kim Kardashian.

Kate Middleton Eats Popcorn Prince William

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  1. Fanny_Trollope says:

    Love her outfit! And glad to see the coat unbuttoned in the last picture. Wonder what was underneath? Something black, obviously.

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