Elizabeth Hurley Jewelry Christmas Broadcast The Royals

Imagine a World in Which the Queen Has a Potty Mouth

Elizabeth Hurley Jewelry Christmas Broadcast The Royals


Guys, I’m kind of jazzed about E!’s new series, The Royals (premieres March 15th).  It looks smutty and plays out like a modern-day monarchy’s nightmare.  Basically it’s Knots Landing with inheritance laws and priceless heirlooms. 

Elizabeth Hurley plays Queen Helena (I hope she’s a consort because there’s a King Simon.  If that’s not the case, someone at E! will be hearing from yours truly).  Naturally (or not), Hurley hasn’t aged since Austin Powers, and she’s very Diana-At-The-Serpentine-Gallery with her bodycon dresses and legs for days.

Anyhoo, Queen Helena has to recap the rubbish year her terrible children and distant husband have put her through.  In a scene that would make the BBC file a polite complaint, Her Majesty and some courtier/producer go through her annual Christmas broadcast.

Things get real, but at least Queen Helena’s got her health.  And her good looks.  And servants.

It’s yet to be determined whether or not Helena ends up pulling a “One-Take Windsor.

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