Meeting The Royals: The Art of A Proper Curtsy

Angelina Jolie Meets Queen Elizabeth Honorary Damehood

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Though it’s not mandatory to bow or curtsy to the Queen or a member of the royal family, many do it out of respect.  And though it’s not limited to the United Kingdom and Commonwealth realms, it is rare to see an American do it.

It’s a grand old gesture, and one that’s been practiced for as long as there has been a monarchy.  The Queen’s family always greets her first with a kiss, then with a bow or curtsy, which is absolutely fascinating to watch.  Continue reading

Prince George Likes His Classical Music, But is a Rubbish Sleeper

Kate Middleton Holds Prince George Zoo

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I love me some public radio and I love me even more some classical music, but I wasn’t familiar with London-Born Graham Parker until From Berkshire To Buckingham tweeted his recent story about meeting the Duchess of Cambridge.

Parker, who is General Manager, WQXR & Vice President, NYPR, was invited to the “Creativity is GREAT” Reception in New York during William and Catherine’s visit on December 9th.   Continue reading

What Kate Middleton Might Actually Wear During Her NYC Trip

Kate Middleton Cream Roland Mouret Gown Claridge's

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Over the last week, countless sites have speculated as to what the Duchess of Cambridge will wear when she and Prince William visit New York from December 7th-December 9th.

Given that Her Royal Highness is five months pregnant, I’m afraid we won’t see the waist-cinching outfits we’re used to.  It’s also quite cold out, so prepare yourselves for a lot of (great-looking) coats.

Continue reading