Prince George Likes His Classical Music, But is a Rubbish Sleeper

Kate Middleton Holds Prince George Zoo

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I love me some public radio and I love me even more some classical music, but I wasn’t familiar with London-Born Graham Parker until From Berkshire To Buckingham tweeted his recent story about meeting the Duchess of Cambridge.

Parker, who is General Manager, WQXR & Vice President, NYPR, was invited to the “Creativity is GREAT” Reception in New York during William and Catherine’s visit on December 9th.  


There, amdist the Sir Patrick Stewarts and Georgina Chapmans stood Parker (above), who was able to position himself perfectly, thanks to a friend who worked at the British Consulate.  Their Royal Highnesses arrived, and then magic happened:

I want to say from the outset that I am not often awestruck. Meeting Murray Perahia at Carnegie Hall recently was close, but suddenly seeing the Duke and Duchess super close left me a little speechless. Not for long, but momentarily. Catherine is truly stunning. Elegant, tall, gorgeous, perfect. Oh William…he seemed nice too.

Thanks to Parker’s friend (for whom he should get a very nice bottle of wine), Catherine was intrigued by his vocation, and turned to ask him a few questions.

Is classical music radio thriving in New York?” Catherine asked Parker, who was charmingly blown away by her acknowledgment of not only one of the elements of his job he’s most proud of, but the very fact that she addressed him (I don’t blame you, Parker).

“I am listening to a lot more classical music at home with George,” she continued, according to Parker. “So we are all learning together.”

The child is brilliant, obviously, and Parker is my new favorite person.

Back in the United Kingdom, Prince William commented on his son’s rather fickle sleeping schedule (which I get).

The Duke of Cambridge visited St. Basils in Birmingham, which helps to young people between 16-25 who are either homeless or at-risk (William is patron of Centrepoint, an organization with a similar purpose in London).  While speaking to one of the charity workers, William commented on how well her 10-month-old was sleeping.

Has she drifted off? How did you manage to get her to do that?” the prince said, according to the Birmingham Mail.  “George doesn’t do that. He’d never do that if there was this much noise.”


Oh, George!  One’s lucky one is cute, isn’t one?

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