Michael Middleton Statement Royal Engagement Carole Middleton Smiles Bucklebury

Royal Rewind: A Nervous Michael Middleton Speaks About The Royal Engagement

Michael Middleton Statement Royal Engagement Carole Middleton Smiles Bucklebury

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For all the royal video watching I do, I’ve never taken the time to watch this candid footage of Michael and Carole Middleton on the day of their daughter’s engagement photocall.

The Duchess of Cambridge‘s parents held a small press conference outside their Bucklebury home on November 16th, 2010, the same day William and Catherine announced the news at Clarence House in London.  Continue reading

Various Photos Carole Middleton Smiling

24 Times Carole Middleton Showed She Was The Winningest Mom In Maternal History

carole middleton different events split image

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Not since Lady Margaret Beaufort has England seen a woman so sharp, so clever and so focused on her family’s success,.

Carole Middleton, she of coal miners descent, has managed to marry off one kid to a future monarch, and the other to a financier who has not only made a lot of money, but is also very protective of his privacy.

You want to resent Carole, but it’s difficult given that she’s great at keeping quiet and is quick to silence/cut off any family member or friend who gives away too much goss about her brood.

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Plus, she gave Catherine the best advice ever when William broke up with her in 2007: Don’t sit at home and cry into a pint of ice cream.

Get a spray tan, hit the nightclubs and show him what he’s missing.

And it worked, damn it.  Continue reading

Cillian Murphy Peaky Blinders Season 2

5 Reasons Why Royal Fans Should Be Watching ‘Peaky Blinders’

Cillian Murphy Peaky Blinders Season 2


If you subscribe to Netflix, an image of Cillian Murphy with a ridiculous haircut has most likely passed your screen.  You’re already kinda freaked out by his piercing blue eyes and angular jaw, so it doesn’t help that he stars in a show with a name like Peaky Blinders.  What is that, a fetishy peep show kinda program?  “I thought it was about dancing or something,” Craig Ferguson said.

No.  Continue reading

Kate Middleton Charity Engagements

Kate Middleton’s Magic Touch Reaches New Levels

Kate Middleton Charity Engagements

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Thursday and Friday saw the Duchess of Cambridge attend back-to-back engagements, one of behalf of her charity, The Art Room and the other a “fact-finding” visit to The Fostering Network in the North London borough of Islington.

“She was overwhelmed by what she saw and heard,” the network’s president, Jim Bond, said.  “She was very moved and impressed with it all.”

Wearing a chocolate animal print silk dress from Hobbs (sold out, BTW) with a Mulberry Bayswater clutch and Stuart Weitzman’s “Power” heels (available currently in black patent), and – according to What Kate Wore – Mirabelle’s “Lolita” gold-plated drop earrings, Catherine spoke with foster parents and listened to their stories.  Continue reading

Fergie Khaki Jacket Holds Golden Retriever Pupples

12 Times The Duchess Of York Made Us Roll Our Eyes

Fergie Khaki Jacket Holds Golden Retriever Pupples

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If there’s one person I don’t want to hear from, especially regarding Prince Andrew‘s character, it’s the Duchess of York.  Even after their divorce in 1996, the Duke and Duchess of York remain close.  So close that Sarah still lives at Royal Lodge with Andrew (formerly the Queen Mother‘s home).

In the wake of underage sex allegations against the Queen’s third child, Sarah has decided to kill two birds with one stone and do some damage control via the press.  Coincidentally, she’s down 55 pounds and recently launched a new endeavor, so the timing couldn’t have been better for Fergie to tell Matt Lauer how thin she is, and how wonderfully her ex-husband is handling these rather serious reports.

During her Today appearance on Monday, Fergie called Andrew a “humongously good man,” adding that she “will have not one word said about him on any level, any level.”  Continue reading

Cressida Bonas Mulberry Dress BAFTA Tea Party 2015

Cressida Bonas Attends BAFTA Tea Party, Cavorts With ‘Downton Abbey’ Stars

Cressida Bonas Mulberry Dress BAFTA Tea Party 2015

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It’s Golden Globes weekend in Los Angeles, which draws a cast of thousands to Los Angeles for pre-parties, post-parties and everything in between.

Last night at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, BAFTA hosted their annual tea party.   Guess who joined nominees and other famous faces?  One Cressida Bonas, she who we once tried to imagine as a royal wife.  Continue reading

Kate Middleton Hair Close-Up Warner Bros.

Kate Middleton: How Great Thou (Hair) Art

Kate Middleton Hair Close-Up Warner Bros.


During a marathon session of Friends today and noticed the loveliness of Monica’s ex-boyfriend, Fun Bobby’s hair.  So wavy, so luscious.  Even when he was a total bummer off the bottle, Fun Bobby’s hair was run-your-fingers-through-it nice.

On a related note, let’s one-up Fun Bobby by showing him an even better head of hair.  Despite remarks to the contrary, the Duchess of Cambridge‘s follicles are gorgeous without being too showy.  Save for the “fringe” incident, Catherine’s hair has managed to mind its Ps & Qs while still remaining the envy of every salon-goer who points to a glossy and says, “I want that.”  Continue reading

Kate Middleton DVF Dress Prince William

Not Amused: 12 Times Kate Middleton Looked Completely Over It

Kate Middleton DVF Dress Prince William


No one understand what it’s like to live under a microscope more than the Duchess of Cambridge (except for Princess Charlene of Monaco), so we totally understand when the cameras capture Catherine at inopportune times.

Sister’s got a lively toddler and a spare chewing on anything and everything, so she deserves to relax those facial muscles every once in awhile.

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