The Duchess of Cambridge: 16 Sporty Photos To Celebrate Her Athletic Prowess

kate middleton laughes poses game fair blenheim palace

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Part of the Duchess of Cambridge‘s charm is her sporty nature.

Known for loving tennis, the great outdoors and staying right & tight, Her Royal Highness can be found in skinny jeans and her breton-striped top when off-duty. 

During her break from Prince William in 2007, Catherine even trained for a dragon boat race across the Thames (she pulled out after they got back together, afraid that her unwanted publicity would overshadow the point of the race).

Two children later, Her Royal Highness is still as sporty as a sprightly horse (that made no sense).

1. “Gave birth 6 weeks ago.  Wanna bounce a quarter off my tummy?”


2. “This is my third ME+EM shirt in 5 days.  The first two are covered in formula.”


3. “Sorry I’m not sorry.”


4. “I swear I’ve done this before.”


5. “Break-up diets are the most effective diets, FYI.”


6. “This tan? Got it on Mustique, I think.  No, Seychelles.  Wait…Mustique.”


7. “I make this whole damn ensemble look good.”


8. “#Blessed”


9. “Give me a few years to get good at this.  No, not skiing.  I’m bloody awesome at skiing.”


10. “Isn’t this color fantastic on me?”

11. “Ok, I may have lied about knowing how to scale walls…might we get in a game of tennis?  Field hockey?  Who wants gin?”
kate middleton funny face abseiling towers residential outdoor education center

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12. ” I’ve decided that this will be the model for my monument.”

Kate Middleton Workout Clothes Training Dragon Boat

[Matt Keeble / Splash News]

13. “Honestly, George.  Figure out how to climb a bloody hill.”

Kate Middleton Laughs Prince George Climbs Up HIll Beaufort Polo Club

James Whatling/Splash News

14.   Catherine: “I could do that with my eyes closed.”  William: “I know, darling.  But remain seat this time.   That incident at the rugby was mortifying.”

William Puts Hand on Kate's Knee Boxing Commonwealth Games

Andrew Parsons / i-Images

15. “Someone fetch my captain’s hat.  William, let go of the wheel.”

kate middleton prince william royal research ship discovery

Danny Lawson/WPA-Pool

16. “He’s with me.”

William Kate Portsmouth Historic Naval Dockyard

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