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24 Times Carole Middleton Showed She Was The Winningest Mom In Maternal History

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Not since Lady Margaret Beaufort has England seen a woman so sharp, so clever and so focused on her family’s success,.

Carole Middleton, she of coal miners descent, has managed to marry off one kid to a future monarch, and the other to a financier who has not only made a lot of money, but is also very protective of his privacy.

You want to resent Carole, but it’s difficult given that she’s great at keeping quiet and is quick to silence/cut off any family member or friend who gives away too much goss about her brood.

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Plus, she gave Catherine the best advice ever when William broke up with her in 2007: Don’t sit at home and cry into a pint of ice cream.

Get a spray tan, hit the nightclubs and show him what he’s missing.

And it worked, damn it. 

Carole, a former British Airways flight attendant who married her co-worker, flight dispatcher Michael Middleton, is co-owner of internet party supply company, Party Pieces.  She is mother to three children – Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, 34, Pippa, 32 and James, 29 – and grandmother to Their Royals Highnesses Prince George and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge (the heir and the spare to the British throne, if you will).

While Michael’s family made enough to set up a trust for their children to attend private school, Carole’s family was poor; her father, Ronald, was a painter and decorator, while her mother, Dorothy, took odd jobs to work around raising her children.

Dorothy’s mentality was what might have inspired Carole to create the best life possible for her own children, since those who knew Dorothy Goldsmith gave her the nickname, “Lady Dorothy.”

We all thought Dorothy was a bit of a snob,” Ronald’s niece, Ann told Catherine’s biographer, Claudia Joseph.  “She always wanted to better herself and the whole family used to call her Lady Dorothy.

“Ronald was a very quiet man, but he worshipped her. He would do anything she wanted.

“I’ve seen her walk into a newly decorated room and say she didn’t like it and he would strip off the wallpaper and start again. She was never satisfied. She always wanted better.”

In a victory for the common folk, Mother Middleton has managed to ingrain herself into the Cambridge fold to the point where she perhaps as close to Prince William as his own father is (don’t tell Charles.  He’ll be crushed).

The Middletons are present at Christmas (a holiday once reserved strictly for royals), and many milestone celebrations, including the 2012 Diamond Jubilee Thames River Pageant, and the 2013 Coronation Festival at Buckingham Palace.

So, it’s safe to say that Carole Middleton wins motherhood.  The rest of you should be proud of your efforts, but these days we spell ambition C-A-R-O-L-E.

  1. “Legs for days, brought to you by me.”
Kate Middleton Navy Outfit Legs Carole Middleton Black Coat Legs


2. “Started from the bottom now we’re here.  Phil of Greece picks up what I’m throwing down.”

Carole Middleton Red Outfit Ladies Day Royal Ascot 2012 Prince Philip

Stephen Lock / i-Images

3“Isn’t the castle lovely? I can’t wait to run it someday.”

Carole Middleton Smiles Windsor Castle Order of the Garter Service 2012

Stephen Lock / i-Images

4. “One down, two titles to go.”

Carole Middleton Thumbs Up Wimbledon Mens Finals 2014

Andrew Parsons / i-Images

5. “You’re sweet. I am too young to be a grandmother to a future king, aren’t I?”

Carole Middleton Smiles Michael MIddleton Talks To Reporters

Nils Jorgensen / i-Images

6. “He can have it.  My kid’s a Duchess.”

Carole Middleton Laughs Michael Middleton Royal Box Mo Farah Catches Tennis Ball Wimbledon 2013

Andrew Parsons / i-Images

7. “It’s just a break. She’s fine.”

Kate and Carole Middleton Shop Dublin

Mark Doyle/Splash News

8. “Darling, how do you not have a driver if you’ve been dating him for nearly 5 years? How are we supposed get around town?”

Kate Middleton Carole Middleton Shopping London

Matt Keeble/Andy Robinson/Splash News

9. “They’re back together. Yes, I made it happen.”

Carole Middleton Black Top Kate Middleton Umbrella

Simon Hammond / Splash News

10. “You’re welcome, England.”

Kate Middleton Waves Crowds Outside Goring Hotel

KCS Presse / Splash News

11. “Best. Day. Ever.”

Carole Middleton Leaves Westminster Abbey Coach

Jeff Moore / Splash News

12. “Haven’t eaten in days!”

Pippa Middleton Green Temperley Dress Carole Middleton Goring Hotel Royal Wedding

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13. “You cameras. Always catching me in my worst moments.”

Carole Middleton Goring Hotel Beach Party

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14. “My grandson was just christened here. We thought the music room back at the palace was a bit too small.”

Carole Middleton Blue Coat St. James's Palace Prince George Christening

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15. “Yes, this sort of entrance will do just fine.”

carole middleton cream outfit royal ascot day 3 2011

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

16. “I can’t feel my face! What is he saying? It’s all happening!”

michael middleton reads engagement statement royal family carole middleton smiles

Stefan Rousseau/PA/POOL

17. “Walking into Buckingham Palace.  Going to welcome a bunch of foreign dignitaries to my daughters wedding.  Everyone have a splendid day.”

michael middleton carole middleton duchess cornwall walk into buckingham palace royal wedding

Andrew Winning – WPA Pool/Getty Images

18. “Hello.  Going home to sleep for a month or so. Lovely to see you all.”

michael middleton carole middleton james middleton pippa middleton leave goring hotel day after royal wedding

Ian Gavan/Getty Images

19. “I asked for seats in the royal box and that sh** in the press office hung up on me. Me, Carole Middleton!”

Alex Loudon: “Yep, I have to end this.”

carole middleton explains with hands alex loudon wimbledon 2011

Julian Finney/Getty Images

20.  “Just a booze cruise round the Thames.  Nothing too fancy.”

carole michael james pippa middleton spirit of chartwell diamond jubilee

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

21. “Welp, managed to get the invite to Christmas because I’M UNSTOPPABLE.”

carole middleton st. mary magdalene christmas church service 2014

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

22. “Rather disappointed I couldn’t make an entrance at the Lindo Wing like I did with Georgie.  That was a lark.

“What did Kate have again?”

carole middleton drives car pippa middleton kensington palace visit newborn princess charlotte

Danny E. Martindale/Getty Images

23. “How dare you make me look up, sir.  I haven’t tilted my head that far in ages.”

carole middleton looks up rugby world cup 2015

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

24. “Hello my gorgeous Georgie.  Are you ready for granny’s cake? It’s a replica of Commonwealth realms you’ll one day rule, and no one else is allowed to eat it.”

George: “But I asked for a train cake.”

prince george looks at carole middleton duchess cornwall christening princess charlotte

Chris Jackson/WPA-Pool

Long Live Queen Carole!

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