Kate Middleton Hair Close-Up Warner Bros.

Kate Middleton: How Great Thou (Hair) Art

Kate Middleton Hair Close-Up Warner Bros.


During a marathon session of Friends today and noticed the loveliness of Monica’s ex-boyfriend, Fun Bobby’s hair.  So wavy, so luscious.  Even when he was a total bummer off the bottle, Fun Bobby’s hair was run-your-fingers-through-it nice.

On a related note, let’s one-up Fun Bobby by showing him an even better head of hair.  Despite remarks to the contrary, the Duchess of Cambridge‘s follicles are gorgeous without being too showy.  Save for the “fringe” incident, Catherine’s hair has managed to mind its Ps & Qs while still remaining the envy of every salon-goer who points to a glossy and says, “I want that.” 

Let us worship at the altar of Berkshire-spun hair.

“Only hair this beautiful could create such greatness as me.”


Such shine.


Eugenie: “Wanna trade DNA?”

Kate: “Nah, I’m good.  How’s your mom?”


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“I’ve got great cheekbones to match.”


“Best hair in the arena right here.  Stop with the dagger eyes, Bey.”


Idris Elba: “I’m so honored to have you screen my film, ma’am.”

Kate: “Do you like the messy ponytail?  It’s a risk, I know, but I wanted to make it seem like I was just a regular premiere goer rather than a consort-in-waiting, you know?”


Hair brought to you by childbirth.


“I used that unicorn poop shampoo Helena Bonham Carter sent over. It smells wonderful, despite my initial reservations.”


“The best of my hair is yet to come, ye plebs!”




“I begged them not to put me on the jumbotron.  Oh well.”


“Stop whining  about my hair and enjoy the view.”


“My hair’s volume stays that way because I say so.”


“Even at my lowest, I’m still infinitely better-looking than you.”


“I have it trained.”


“My version of ‘sweatpants on, hair in a bun.'”


“Do you think my hair is taking away from the message of our visit?”


“No need to get up and walk away. A simple yes or no would do.”

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