11 Kids Who Had No Regard For Royal Protocol

Kate Middleton Accepting Flowers Children

This is why I love walkabouts.

1. This little lady in red.


2. This one who said “sod it” to the whole waiting-behind-a-barricade thing.

Little Girl Red Coat Gives Flowers Kate

[Stephen Lock / i-Images]

“Done. Where’s my snack?”


3. The one who was kind of hoping for more, like a crown.


4. The one who adhered to the universal Disney dress code.  

“Yes, the flowers are all well and good, BUT WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT MY DRESS?!”


5. The one who’s growing into his gums.  

“Perhaps you have something I could chew on, ma’am.”


6. The one who not only brought her A-game, but remembered her white gloves (take that, Amal).  

“Just checking to see that these aren’t poisonous for my equal.”


“Nailed the outfit choice today.”

Kate Middleton Meets Royal Fan Dressed In Costume Grimsby

[Stephen Lock / i-Images]

7. The one who doesn’t think anyone should be handed flowers simply for showing up.

“No, I will not hand them over. I don’t care who she is.”


“That was fun.  Who else is coming?”


8. The one who thinks everyone deserves a hug.



“You’re a lovely hugger.”


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Kate Middleton Smiles Prince William Cab London Mahiki Nightclub





9. The one who should have worn pants that day.


“Future me will look back on this photo with immense regret.”


10. The one who saw things when faced with greatness.  

“I think I can see heaven through her hair.”

Kate Middleton M Missoni Coat Little Girl Looks UP

[Gotcha Images / Splash New]

11.  The 5-year-old who was allowed to skip school to meet Prince Charles, only to regret it immediately.

“Prince of who?  Like the whale we’re learning about in today’s lesson that I’m missing?  For this?”

ella cameron shrugs meets prince charles port isaacs

Arthur Edwards – WPA Pool/Getty Images

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