The Definitive Ranking of Kate Middleton’s Coats

Best Coats Worn by Kate Middleton

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Few things in this world give me hope more than the Duchess of Cambridge‘s coats, save for babies, good deeds, puppies and the kindness of strangers.  

Back to the coats.

I first got a whiff of her penchant for an impeccably tailored bit of magic in June 2011, when Catherine visited Victoria Barracks wearing a navy Alexander McQueen coat.  It fit her lithe body like a glove and commanded attention despite its subtle design.

Things just escalated from there, to the point where I would clap if she wore my favorite coat more than once (@WhatKateWore and @JanetNorCal pick up what I’m throwing down, re: #1)

Ranking my favorite coats was a challenge, and it’s difficult not to go back and rearrange my decisions.  There are those that didn’t make the cut, which will spark a lively debate on whether or not I am fit to speak about such things.  

Never mind all that.  Let’s fight over coats.

28. LK Bennett “Ami” Coat

Kate Middleton Red LK Bennett Coat Copenhagen


kate middleton red lk bennett coat Sylvia Fletcher for Lock & Co hat raf valley 2016

Peter Byrne/WPA-Pool

Meet the only woman who manages to make Crown Princess Mary look frumpy.  Were we living in medieval times, war would be waged over who is the fairest of them all (Probably not.  All the men would be too busy fighting over territories and titles.  Ugh, France and England).

27. Michael Kors swing coat

Kate Middleton Michael Kors Coat Australian War Memorial

[Stephen Lock / i-Images]

kate middleton michael kors coat anzac day

Stefan Postles/Getty Images

This was the first time we saw Catherine wear Michael Kors.  Allison Williams recently attended his NYFW show, which – according to me – is almost like having HRH present.  Almost.

26. Reiss “Delaney” Jacket

Kate Middleton Reiss Blue Coat Shooting Star Hospice Visit

[Splash News]

If Catherine were to start a coat line (she never would, because her name is not Sarah, Duchess of York), I would buy every single sodding item.

25. Tory Burch “Bettina” Coat

Kate Middleton Tory Burch Coat LeBro James Barclays Center

[ i-Images]

A coat so magical it made an American think it was OK to touch.

24. Jane Troughton Brocade Coat

prince william kate middleton periwinkle out service prince philip 90th birthday

Carl Court – WPA Pool/Getty Images

In June 2011, Catherine re-wore the same coat we first saw in August 2009, at the wedding of Nicholas van Cutsem and Alice Hadden-Patten.  For both occasions, Her Royal Highness wore hats by Jane Corbett.

23. Max Mara “Belli” Coat

kate middleton train cambridge uk maxmara coat

Leon Neal – WPA Pool/Getty Images

kate middleton maxmara coat guildhall cambridge uk

Arthur Edwards – WPA Pool /Getty Images

This was the second-to-last engagement before Catherine had to announce her pregnancy early due to hyperemesis gravidarum.  The wind was whipping, the crowds went bananas, and all the while Catherine’s coat belt kept calm.

22. M Missoni Tweed Coat

kate middleton m missoni coat norfolk each shop


Kate Middleton M Missoni Coat Fortnum & Mason

[Stephen Lock / i-Images]

Outlet shopping will get you everywhere and make everyone love you because it shows you are smart and bargain-savvy and stylish and goddess-like.

21. Goat  “Redgrave’ Coat

Kate Middleton Goat Coat Child Bereavement UK Visit

[Stephen Lock/i-Images]

The coat itself is a classic, but Catherine wore a black dress with a Peter Pan collar from Topshop underneath, which transformed it into a darling look, with legs-for-days, to boot.

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20 . Reiss “Emile” Coat

kate middleton blue reiss coat twickenham

James Whatling/Splash News

Kate Middleton Blue Reiss Coat Prince William Twickenham

James Whatling/Splash News

Fresh off maternity leave (she gave birth to Princess Charlotte on May 2nd), Catherine accompanied William to the ceremony at Twickenham Stadium.  The couple supported Prince Harry, who – as honorary president of England Rugby – gave an opening speech.

Catherine wore the “Emile sharply tailored coat” in blue passion, according to What Kate Wore.

Fun fact: WKW actually suggested the coat ahead of William and Catherine’s December 2014 trip to New York City.

19.  By Malene Birger

kate middleton pregnant by malene birger coat baker street tube station

Chris Radburn/AFP/Getty Images

kate middleton baker street tube station visit

Danny E. Martindale/Getty Images

Look at the bustle in the back.  Is she the cutest?

18. Max Mara “Villar” Coat

Kate Middleton Max Mara Coat Ben Ainslie Racing HQ Portsmouth

[Stephen Lock / i-Images]

What is more darling that wrapping your spare in a fitted coat with a belt?  AND Catherine managed to paint without getting so much as a drop on her pristine self.

Also, this quote further solidifies my allegiance to two special women:

If the aforementioned coat looks familiar, that’s because Princess Eugenie wore the same coat at Christmas. I assume Kate stole it from her while Harry distracted everyone by setting the goat lose in Sandringham. Their thievery will surely not go unpunished. Princess Anne will not let this kind of shenanigan stand. – Go Fug Yourself

17. Jenny Packham Bespoke Coat

Prince Andrew, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry attend a service to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey in London on June 4, 2013. JACK HILL/AFP/Getty Images)

JACK HILL/AFP/Getty Images

prince william suit kate middleton jenny packham coronation service

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

I don’t know what material this is made out of, and I don’t care.  It works.  The fact that Catherine is sporting a bump that is covered in all sorts of pink fabric is the most darling image my eyes have ever seen.   The best part?  Prince George is kicking around inside that tummy.

16.  Bespoke Alexander McQueen

<> at St Symphorien Military Cemetery on August 4, 2014 in Mons, Belgium.

Kate Middleton Cream Alexander McQueen Coat Mons Belgium WW1 Commemoration

[Andrew Parsons / i-Images]

Pleated skirt.  Pleated.  Skirt.

15. Temperley London “Noa” Coat

Kate Middleton Temperley London Coat ANZAC Dawn Service

Image via Splash News

Catherine also wore this to Remembrance Day 2013, one of just two Remembrance Days where she wasn’t with child and trying not to get sick all over the Whitehall balcony.  Gestation, amiright?

14. Independent Dressmaker

kate middleton burgundy coat christmas 2011 sandringham

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Kate Middleton Aubergine Coat 2011 Christmas Day Service

[Mirrorpix/Splash News]

 What Kate Wore summed up our sentiments best: “It was an outstanding look for Kate, the tailoring was impeccable and the shade ideal with her coloring.”

13. Alexander McQueen’s Flared Wool Coat

Kate Middleton Black Alexander McQueen Coat Remembrance Sunday 2014

[Stephen Lock / i-Images]

One of Catherine’s more simple coats from the House of McQueen.

12. Alexander McQueen Cream Ruffled Coat 

kate middleton holds prince george christening st james's palance


prince william smiles holds prince george kate middleton alexander mcqueen coat royal christening


kate middleton holds son prince george christening

John Stillwell/PA Wire

More often than not, I am pleased at the sight of a bespoke Alexander McQueen.  At the christening of Prince George in October 2013, the Duchess of Cambridge wore a cream ruffled coat, paired with the most beautiful Jane Taylor hat.

If it’s ruffled and McQueen, then it pleases me.

11. Erdem Grey Lace Coat

kate middleton erdem grey coat prince harry commonwealth observance day

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

kate middleton detail erdem grey coat 2016 commonwealth observance day

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

I’m not usually down with what Erdem serves up, but I was sure as sh** into this grey  coat with lace detailing.

A John Boyd hat wide-brim hat made the whole look super-regal, which is the goal for each official outing, yes?

10. Alexander McQueen Pink Bespoke Coat

Kate Middleton Pink Alexander McQueen Coat Duchess of Cornwall Prince Harry Trooping Colour 2013

[Andrew Parsons / i-Images]

kate middleton pink alexander mcqueen coat commonwealth observance day 2015

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

The first image shows Catherine’s last engagement before the birth of her son, Prince George on July 22nd.  At the time, I thought she was tipping us off to the sex of her baby.  What trickery!  (Great buttons, though).

9. Catherine Walker “Russian Greatcoat”

Kate Middleton Catherine Walker Coat Gina Foster Pillbox Hat New Zealand Arrival 2014

Image Via Splash News

The buttons and the flared skirt.  And how lovely to hold that child dressed in white against such a pop of color.

8. Alexander McQueen Bespoke Glenplaid Coat

Kate Middleton Alexander Mcqueen Glen Plaid Coat Singapore State Visit


Kate Middleton Grey Plaid Alexander McQueen Coat Singapore State Visit

Stephen Lock / i-Images

“I’m back, and I look fantastic.”

7. Alexander McQueen Navy Military Coat

Kate Middleton Alexander McQueen Coat Victoria Barracks

[Stephen Lock/i-Images]

I remember looking at these photos and thinking, “Hot damn.  This girl was destined for royalty.”  It was nearly two months after the wedding, and she seemed to take on this engagement (presentation of medals) with such natural ease.  Wearing an appropriate, well-tailored coat was just icing on the cake.

6. Catherine Walker Emerald Green Coat

Kate Middleton Green Catherine Walker Coat Dress Canberra

Stephen Lock / i-Images

Pouffed-out skirt + oversized belt = YASSSSS.

5. Mulberry Double Breasted Coat in “Cerise”

Kate Middleton Mulberry Coat New York City National September 11th Memorial

Stephen Lock / i-Images

kate middleton pink mulberry coat onesie prince william youth charity XLP

Splash News

A bright color to contrast a somber visit while in New York City.  Some argue it was inappropriate, but I disagree.  The coat was like a little ray of sunshine, but not too busy for the occasion.

4. Hobbs “Unlimited Celeste” Coat

kate middleton hobbs coat liverpool official visit

Mark Long – WPA Pool/Getty Images

kate middleton hobbs jacket liverpool


Excellent choice for a Valentine’s Day visit.  Totally digging the wrist belts.  And the hair that doesn’t quit.

Props to Kate Middleton Style for the coat ID.

3. Bespoke Alexander McQueen Dove Grey Coat

Kate Middleton Alexander McQueen Coat Jane Taylor Hat Easter 2014

[Andrew Parsons / i-Images]

Look at the glorious fluidity of this fabric.  Just look at it!  The structure, the collar and the way it fits her body.

2. McQ Alexander McQueen Black Watch Coat

duchess cambridge black what tartan st. andrew's primary school

Arthur Edwards

kate middleton black watch tartan st. john's primary school

Arthur Edwards – WPA Pool/Getty Image

Kate Middleton Black Watch Tartan Alexander McQueen Coat Christmas 2013

[Splash News]

Catherine reminded me why I love Black Watch tartan so much after she wore this little beauty on both a visit to St. Andrew’s Primary School in November 2012, then again to Christmas Service in 2013.

1. Alexander McQueen Cotton and Wool Blend Pique Coat

kate middleton white alexander mcqueen coat prince william colonel irish guards uniform trooping colour 2011

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Again at the Order of the Garter service in 2012.

kate middleton white alexander mcqueen coat countess of wessex duchess of cornwall order of garter 2012


This cream tiered coat will forever and ever be my most favorite piece of outwear – nay clothing – owned by the Duchess of Cambridge.  The cut and detail literally make it look as if it  were designed for the kind of princess we read about in fairy tales.

I would be crackers if I assumed I left nothing out.  What did I miss?  What did you disapprove of in this list?  What is your favorite coat of Kate’s?

I would also like to tip my hat off to What Kate Wore for her meticulous details pertaining to each and every item Catherine has ever worn.  We Kate fans are very lucky to have her!

4 thoughts on “The Definitive Ranking of Kate Middleton’s Coats

  1. Maria says:

    I am so glad to see you put the green Catherine Walker coat so high up in the standings! I LOVED IT, but I seemed to be in the minority at the time.

  2. Blair says:

    The blue McQueen coat first seen on the tour to Australia & New Zeland and most recently to her first engagement as the RAF patron.

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