How To Get Kate Middleton’s Intricate Up Dos

Split Kate Middleton up Dos

i-Images, Stephen Lock

A few days ago I decided I would not go another day without trying to recreate one of Kate’s up dos.  Knowing myself and the amount of tries that would lead to me sobbing into a $4 bottle of wine, I called on celebrity hair stylist Jonathan Colombini.  Why?  Because he knows what he’s doing, and he likes British television (the latter wasn’t exactly a pre-requisite, but isn’t that wonderful?)

Colombini is responsible for making Laura Prepon, Fergie and AnnaLynne McCord look hot-to-trot, and my hope is that he’ll one day work on  Kate’s hair and confirm that it smells like lavender and loves a good G&T.

Ok. Up dos.  Kate.  Let’s do this:  Continue reading

I Spy One Future King Holding Another

Prince Charles Give Speech Earth Hour


Hark!  There, on the table.  It’s a photo of Prince Charles holding another heir, most likely explaining to the bopper how important it is that we save the earth.

After a pregnant pause, Prince George tells his grandfather that none of this matters and we’re all going to have to live on some other planet where the weather is twice as bad and there are no palaces to separate subjects from royalty.   Continue reading

Kate Middleton’s Hair Brought Its A-Game Ahead of Royal Baby #2’s Arrival

Kate Middleton Split Lead Image Curly Hair Stephen Lock Center

Stephen Lock / i-Images

In what will be her last set of engagements before welcoming Prince or Princess Alexandra/Charlotte/Alice/Philip/Spencer/Edward, the Duchess of Cambridge made sure that her greatest asset was on point.

And on point, it was.  I don’t know if it’s the work of Amanda Cook Tucker, Richard Ward, Rossano Ferretti or a group of angels, but those curls were full of life.  There was bounce, there was shine, there was volume. It.  All.  Worked.  Continue reading

Hatty Preston Wears A Glittering Crow, Wins MVP of ‘Royals’ Premiere Party

Hatty Preston Lead Image The Royals Premiere Party UK

James Higgins / Splash News

This chick right here makes me believe in all that glitters.  Her name is Hatty Preston and she plays one half of the faux-York sisters on E!’s The Royals.

While everyone else was acting all sexual and sultry inside the UK premiere party last night (which is fine), Preston put on a jumpsuit, donned a fascinator by Daniel Vi Le and some yellow shoes, and sauntered right up to that step-and-repeat.  Good on ya, Preston.  Continue reading

Dave Benett’s Instagram Reveals The Golden Age of Celeb Photos

Princess Diana Blue Versace Gown Sydney Entertainment Centre

Splash News

London-based Dave Benett has been photographing celebrities and royalty since the eighties.  While he  initially stuck to news and sports when he started his career in the 1970s, Benett moved on to the highly entertaining world of the London party scene.

Benett told HELLO! that reps laid out the ground rules before giving him the go-head to snap their clients.  “They said, ‘You have eight seconds to photograph them’, and that’s what we did. And they’re giggling and laughing and having a great time.”

His secret?  Continue reading

Why Zara Phillips’ Latest Interview Made Me Like Her Even More

Zara Phillips Pregnant Cheltenham Steeple Chase 2013

Splash News

I’ve always admired Zara Phillips as much as I do her mother, The Princess Royal, who refused titles for both her children when they were born so that they could live as normal lives as possible.



Because of that, both Phillips and her older brother, Peter, have carved out lucrative careers as private citizens.  They are, however, still in line to the throne as grandchildren of the Queen; Peter is 12th and Zara is 15th.  Continue reading

‘The Royals:’ Why Alexandra Park Loves Playing Princess Eleanor

Alexandra park split lead image the duchess diary interview

Splash News, E!

Whether or not you think that last Sunday’s premiere of The Royals lived up to its hype, there’s no question that one character in particular completely captured our attention.  Princess Eleanor, played by Alexandra Park, was equal parts disastrous and beautiful in episode one, showcasing both a rough exterior and a vulnerability that left the viewer wondering if they loved her, hated her or felt sorry for her (or all three).

I spoke to Park about her first big stateside break a few days after the show premiered in E!.  She’s an Aussie who loves Good Will Hunting, can’t get enough of The Walking Dead, and is taking orders from Elizabeth Hurley on her literary selections.  “You need to start reading more thrillers. They keep your mind busy!” she told Park.

Though Park is under the crown, she isn’t much into the whole royalty thing.  Continue reading

Barkingham Palace Corgi Race Determines Name of Will and Kate’s Royal Baby

Barkingham Palace Gold Cup


There’s Ascot, Cheltenham and Glorious Goodwood, but those races pale in comparison to one that determines the name and sex of royal baby #2.

According to Huffington Post UK, British betting firm Ladbrokes put on the first ever Barkingham Palace Gold Cup, showcasing ten corgis with names like Camilla, Spencer, James, Victoria, and Alexandra who would compete for the title.  Continue reading

Look At These Two Lovebirds On St. Patrick’s Day

Prince William Speaks Kate Middleton St. Patricks' Day 2015

Stephen Lock/i-Images

I’m so tempted to run with a headline like, “These Two Don’t Need Luck Because They Love Each Other Duh.”  Instead, I’ve come up with a more composed alternative to sum up the greatness of this lead image.

Today’s total look of smitten-kittenville reminds me of what a royal source told journalist Allison Pearson a few weeks before the couple’s April 29th, 2011 wedding:

Kate isn’t interested in [social] position.  Her attitude is, ‘William’s my man.’  There’s this incredible possessiveness and she was damned if she would lose him to another girl who loved him less than she does.

I know.  Continue reading