14 Photos Of Kate Middleton’s Happy and Glorious Curls

Best Bouncy Hair Photos Kate Middleton

[Splash News/i-Images]

Hark! Do you see that?  It’s the hair of Catherine the Great, she who has set a new standard for fabulous locks.  Greys?  Yes, they pop up every now and then, but one has to show one’s subjects that one is a woman of the people and that greys do exist, even for the great and the good.

Catherine made famous the “Chelsea blowdry,” described as a “big, bouncy, glossy hairstyle” that looks expensive (Think shine! Think Volume!), and now everyone wants what she’s having.

Let’s look at that bounce! 

1. “I spent three hours in a salon chair to watch him lose.  Brilliant.”

Kate Middleton Zimmerman Dress Wimbledon

[Andrew Parsons / i-Images]

2. “Priceless jewels, priceless hair, priceless ev-uh-ree-thing.”


3. “I let the curls have a day off, but it’s cute that you think I went all out.”

[Andrew Parsons / i-Images]

[Andrew Parsons / i-Images]

4. “Did they make a cake for my hair as well?”

Kate Middleton Jojo Maman bebe white coat ealing studis

James Whatling/Splash News

 5.  “Happy Christmas, ye plebs, from my gorgeous hair to your…er…Happy Christmas.”


6. “I’d like to thank my hair for getting me through that vom sesh of a first trimester.”

Kate Middleton Temperley London Action on Addiction Gala

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7.  “Caught Mary looking at my hair.  Twice.”

Kate Middleton Red LK Bennett Coat UNICEF Copenhagen


8.  “Wonderful news, everyone…”

Kate Middleton Pink Jenny Packham Gown ARK Gala 2011

[ James Whatling / Splash News]”

“I brought my hair!”

9.  “Tell me, do you like having short hair?  It seems boring.”


10. “Aren’t you so happy for me and my hair?  Look at the shine!”

Prince William Suit Kate Middleton Issa Wrap Dress Clarence House Engagement

Mirrorpix / Splash News

12. “I want to thank you for being so kind to my hair.  It makes up for the topless pic scandal you’ve been yapping on about.”


13. “We’re cute together, aren’t we?  Oh, no.  Not me and William.  I meant me and my hair.  How embarrassing for you that you thought that.”

Kate Middleton Red Beulah London Gown 100 Women in Hedge Funds

Image via Splash News

14. Steady on!

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