I Spy One Future King Holding Another

Prince Charles Give Speech Earth Hour


Hark!  There, on the table.  It’s a photo of Prince Charles holding another heir, most likely explaining to the bopper how important it is that we save the earth.

After a pregnant pause, Prince George tells his grandfather that none of this matters and we’re all going to have to live on some other planet where the weather is twice as bad and there are no palaces to separate subjects from royalty.  

“It’s just a terrible vision that I can’t shake,” George says to Charles.  “Will I have to live in a 3-bedroom home furnished by Ikea?”

Prince Charles Holds Prince George White Sun Hat


“Dunno,” Charles responds dispassionately.  “I’ve been telling everyone for years to clean up their act, and now I’m known as that bloke who talks to plants.”

“Yeah, I’ve seen you do it a few times, and it’s kind of weird,” George says.

Prince George Red Sweater Kate Middleton Airplane

Image via Splash News

Earth Hour is Saturday, March 28th (tomorrow) from 8:30pm-9:30pm local time.

Here’s some footage from George’s October 2013 christening, included in the Queen’s speech that Christmas.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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