Let’s Get a Good Look at Kate Middleton’s New Blue Jewels

Kate Middleton G. Collins Sons Blue Sapphire Jewelry

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Yesterday, the community of “Peeps Who Love A Good Kate Challenge” (hello!) were on the hunt for the makers of a new tanzanite teardrop set worn by the Duchess of Cambridge to the service commemorating combat in Afghanistan.

As I expected, a super-sleuth extraordinaire* by the name of “Jenny” help My Small Obsessions track down the jewelers who made the earrings and necklace, G. Collins & Sons.  According to to Obsessions, the Countess of Wessex also wears pieces from the jeweler, a Royal Warrant holder. 


The pear-shaped tanzanite and diamond necklace, set in platinum, retails for just over $12,000 USD.

Tanzanite Sapphire Necklace Kate Middleton

G. Collins & Sons

Kate Middleton Tanzanite Blue Sapphire Jewelry St. Paul's Cathedral

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The Princess of Wales also owned some tear-drop blue stone earrings (hers were blue sapphire, the same color stone set in her Garrard engagement ring), which she wore to a ball in October 1985 in Melbourne, Australia, and again to a gala at the Vienna Burgh Theatre in April 1986 in Vienna, Austria.

While the emeralds are clear to see, her drop earrings look blue, contrary to a reader’s comment.


Since I don’t want anyone feeling left out, I selected some slightly less expensive pieces for you to wear to tonight’s state dinner at your mother-in-law’s, yayyyy.

These earrings from Etsy are pretty spot-on ($28).

Blue Glass Earrings Sapphire


Or perhaps any of these bits and bobs:

*Editor’s Note: Credit to Jenny for ID’ing the jewels, which was graciously called out in MSO’s Facebook post.

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3 thoughts on “Let’s Get a Good Look at Kate Middleton’s New Blue Jewels

  1. Betty says:

    It was not My Small Obsession who identified the new jewelry. It was a woman named Jenny Wright Deione . She was the one that found the jewels and posted it on the My small obsession thread, which is now conveniently gone. Id credit should go to Jenny.

  2. Jo says:

    The earrings Diana is wearing are Emeralds. They match the Emerald headband and the Emerald Prince of Wales Feathers pendant. Just FYI – Emeralds are GREEN.

  3. Kristen from MA says:

    The earrings Diana is wearing in the 2 featured pictures are set with emeralds. She usually wore that set with her Cambridge emerald choker.

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