Look At These Two Lovebirds On St. Patrick’s Day

Prince William Speaks Kate Middleton St. Patricks' Day 2015

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I’m so tempted to run with a headline like, “These Two Don’t Need Luck Because They Love Each Other Duh.”  Instead, I’ve come up with a more composed alternative to sum up the greatness of this lead image.

Today’s total look of smitten-kittenville reminds me of what a royal source told journalist Allison Pearson a few weeks before the couple’s April 29th, 2011 wedding:

Kate isn’t interested in [social] position.  Her attitude is, ‘William’s my man.’  There’s this incredible possessiveness and she was damned if she would lose him to another girl who loved him less than she does.

I know. 


OMG you guys, get a room (just kidding you’re adorable.  Never change).


Fine. One more.


As they’ve been doing since 2012 (with the exception of William’s training in the Falklands) The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge popped round to Mons Barracks in Aldershot to hand out sprigs of shamrocks to soldiers of the Irish Guards.

The Duchess of Cambridge carries on the 114-year tradition, started by Queen Alexandra and passed down to Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.  Pinned to her chestnut brown double wool crepe Catherine Walker coat was a gold shamrock brooch, originally gifted to the Queen Mum by the Irish Guards.

Catherine accessorized with a Lock & Co Betty Boop hat we’ve seen on several occasions (including St. Patrick’s day 2012), as well as pumps by Emmy London and citrine earrings by Kiki McDonough.


Prince William accompanied his wife as colonel of the regiment.

Hair porn, huzzah!


Kate Middleton Catherine Walker Coat Pregnant St. Patrick's Day 2015

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According to the Telegraph‘s Gordon Rayner, Catherine “put her left hand on top of her husband’s right arm” as they chatted with families following the parade.  She told one mother that after bending down to speak to kids, she needed “to stop bending down and have a sit down.”

Prince William Kate Middleton Visit Mons Barracks St Patrick's Day 2015

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Retired sergeant major Cleeve Acheson, 96, has 11 great-grandchildren and was delighted when the Duchess recognized him.

“She remembered me from last year, she wished me happy St Patrick’s Day.

“There are 11 in my family – I wasn’t trying to drop a hint as to how many she should have, but it raised a laugh.”

With a suspected due date of late April (or possibly even early May), Catherine has one engagement on the books tomorrow, as well as a tentative one later this month.

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