The Queen and Prince Philip Hold Hands After Service Honoring British Forces in Afghanistan

Queen Elizabeth Prince Philip Hold Hands St. Paul's Cathedral

James Whatling/Splash News

The royal family attended a Service of Commemoration for troops who were stationed in Afghanistan at St Paul’s Cathedral today in London.  The men and Princess Anne were in full military regalia as they made their way into the service, while the Queen and Prince Philip arrived last, as tradition dictates.

The Windsors gathered with politicians, injured soldiers and families who lost loved ones in battle during the commemoration.  The BBC’s royal correspondent Sarah Campbell tweeted that the service was very “moving” and “it was a real privilege to speak to some veterans and their families.”

453 British troops were killed in Afghanistan since combat started 13 years ago.

After the service, an adorable photo was taken of Her Majesty and Philip holding hands, a rare display of public affection for the couple.

Kate Middleton Hat Beulah London Coat St Paul's Cathedral

Andrew Parsons/i-Images

The Duchess of Cambridge, who is due next month (one rumor has a due date of April 25th), wore Beulah London’s Chiara wool navy trapeze coat with her hair in a low, intricate knot covered by a navy hat.

Kate Middleton Hair Backshot St Paul's Cathedral

Stephen Lock/i-Images

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Stephen Locke /i-images

Stephen Locke /i-images

Ooh, a little kick from the spare on the steps of St. Paul!

  You two kids.

Queen Elizabeth Prince Philip Service of Commemoration

Stephen Lock/i-Images

Kate Middleton Beulah London Coat St. Paul's Cathedral

James Whatling/Splash News


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