20 Adorable Photos of Royal Babies

royal babies europe

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As my nana says, “nothing beats new life!”

What’s cuter than perusing photos of  little royal whipper snappers throughout history who had no clue about their standing in this great big world.

These kids exude the whole “zero f**** give” mantra better than anyone I’ve ever met.

  1. “Born to rule.  Literally.  That was my destiny.” –  Queen Elizabeth II


2. Danish royal children with chubby thighs.


3. “F*** this.” – Princess Anne, The Princess Royal


4. Those cheeks look familiar…


5. “Say I were to hug that fish, but it went to sleep forever.  Since I’m royal, that’s legal, right ?” – Prince Vincent of Denmark

crown princess mary points fish son prince vincent denmark

Alexander Koerner/Getty Images

6. “Watch that rather priceless font, William.” – Queen Elizabeth II


7. OhMyGod it’s Prince Philip as a towhead.


8. “Off to Balmoral, whatever that is.” – Prince Harry


9. “Right this way, err, infant with a claim to the Swedish throne.” – King Carl Gustaf XVI

Princess Estelle Royal Palace Jubilee Celebration King Carl Gustaf

Agentur Schneider-Press /Frank Rollitz / i-Images

10. “One looks – and feels – ridiculous.” – Prince George


11. “Not that it matters, but I was the Queen’s first great-grandchild. So, you can have your crown, George.  I’ll probably inherit all her good jewelry.” – Savannah Phillips


12. “Candles are almost blown out.  Did you buy me that pony I demanded asked for?” – Princess Leonore

princess leonore third birthday photo blows out candle cupcake

Facebook/Brigitte Grenfeldt

13. “One photocall per year is quite enough, thank you!” –  Princess Alexia of the Netherlands

princess alexia snowsuit cries photoshoot

Scott Barbour/Getty Images

14. “God grant me the strength to pull myself out of this pram.” – Princess Charlotte

Princess Charlotte Honiton Lace Gown Pram St. Mary Magdalene

Chris Jackson/WPA-Pool

15.What smells? Catherine, what is that rotting stench? Why are my hands getting warmer?” – Prince George

16. “Sir Priest, do you like my dress? PRIEST, PAY ATTENTION TO ME!” – Princess Leonore

princess leonore dancing prince nicolas christmas


17. “Mummy says we look very American in our denim jackets.  Does that Trump balloon with the fluffy hair have a denim jacket? – The Dutch Princesses

dutch princesses photoshoot denim jackets

Michel Porro/Getty Images

18. “Make sure you get a good photo, mummy.  This is the only manual labor you’ll see me do EVER.” – Princess Charlotte

princess charlotte pushes toy blocks anmer hall

HRH The Duchess of Cambridge

19. “So good of you all to come out and see me.” – Princess Charlotte

princess charlotte waves trooping colour 2016

Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images

20. “Before we came along, that Casiraghi bloke would have taken the throne, and turned the palace into something ghastly.  Can you imagine Monaco without our little round heads? – Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella 

Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella end of year interview 2015

Facebook/Prince’s Palace of Monaco

Prior to Princess Charlotte’s birth on May 2nd, 2015, several media outlets claimed that not nearly as much attention would be paid to the royal birth this time around.

Nothing could be further from the truth, as the nation was thrilled to welcome a girl on May 2nd.

In fact, an article from People Magazine published just after Harry’s birth in 1984 negated all talk of a more subdued welcome for the spare:

Although it’s unlikely that little Harry will ever rule the kingdom, his birth was anything but anticlimactic. In fact, it was greeted with as much fanfare as William’s, no doubt due to his mother’s unflagging popularity.”

According to the BBC, royal births are traditionally celebrated with a “41-gun salute by the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery. The basic royal salute is 21 rounds, but because it will be conducted in Green Park, a royal park, an extra 20 rounds are fired. At the Tower of London, 62 rounds will be fired – the basic 21, 20 because the Tower is a Royal Palace and 21 for the “city of London”.

Union jacks will also be flown from all Government buildings, Royal Naval ships, and defence establishments.”

The Monarchy’s page states that royal gun salutes are fired as a “sign of respect or welcome.”

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