Never Turn Your Charm Off, Prince Harry

Prince Harry Suit Funny face New Zealand Wellington

James Whatling/Splash News

Remember when we all thought April was the busiest royal month?  What a lark!  Here’s what else you missed whilst wondering how Charlotte’s bonnet was put on upside down (it looked normal to me). 

If Prince Harry were to try and take over the world, I doubt anyone would fight him on it – People Magazine 

Things I want: Queen Maxima‘s headband-tiara because ALL THE SPARKLE –The Court Jeweller

Look at all these darling treats to celebrate Princess Charlotte‘s birth – What Kate Wore

I trust you’ve all read The Royal We, so now it’s time to discuss fantasy casting – Go Fug Yourself

Royal second children are people, too (and are sometimes more popular, to boot)  – Tatler

Don’t have £195 to blow on a lovely scarf?   The gals have you covered – What Would Kate Do

Wait until you see Sophie’s outfit from Saturday – HRH The Countess of Wessex

Some people are only finding out now that Charles once wished to be a tampon – Buzzfeed

A side-by-side comparison George and Charlotte to make one go “awwwww” – A Petite Princess

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