One Lets One’s Hair Down For The Royal Windsor Horse Show

Queen Elizabeth Glasses Smiling Duchess Cornwall Royal Windsor Horse Show

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Hurrah!  It’s the first day of 2015’s Royal Windsor Horse Show!  Time to put away the hats, purse and gloves and throw on a respectable (but casual) skirt, for the RWHS is a time to stop and smell the manure.

According to the Daily Mail, the Royal Windsor Horse Show has been put on since 1943, when it was originally created as a war-time fundraiser.  Her Majesty was joined by the Duchess of Cornwall, who greeted the monarch with a customary curtsy and one kiss on each cheek. 


The Queen watched two of her horses compete at the annual show for over an hour before driving herself back to Windsor Castle in her Range Rover, according to People‘s Simon Perry.  Camilla, meanwhile, popped by children’s clothing stall, Out of the Orient, to buy PJs for her grandchildren.

Royal Windsor Horse Show programme.

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Both the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh used to compete in the show (the Duke was a bad-ass carriage-driving competitor).  Nowadays the couple watches from the sideline with their horse trainers, and peruses the food and retail stalls to support British trade.


Contrary to what most might assume about every English event ever, dogs are not allowed at the show.  According to the site, one dog stole a piece of chicken from King George V‘s plate in 1943, which did not go over well.  “The Committee found this so mortifying that they have banned dogs from the showground ever since,” the show’s site explains.

The indignity that committee must has suffered.

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