Prince Charles Says The Cutest Things About His Granddaughter, Princess Charlotte

Prince Charles Gushes About Princess Charlotte

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During a visit to housing development Poundbury on May 8th, the Prince of Wales couldn’t hide his excitement over the birth of his first granddaughter, Princess Charlotte.

She is beautiful. I was hoping for a grand-daughter – someone to look after me when I am very old,” Charles said, according to the Daily Mail.

But sir, you will be king so you will have valets and courtiers aplenty to look after you! 

Charles visited the Princess of Cambridge twice last weekend at Kensington Palace, and said he  “intends to spoil” her rotten.

His Royal Highness was presented with a rose by Lucy Simpson of Poundbury Gardens, who informed him that the flower had been named in the newborn’s honor.

“A Charlotte Rose? You have managed to do that already? How marvelous,” he said.


“How jolly nice to see it. It will look beautiful in my gardens.”


Poundbury is a housing development situated on land belonging to the Duchy of Cornwall, the estate inherited by the direct heir to the throne.  The community, thought up by the Prince of Wales as an alternative to government housing and designed to integrate sustainability, is made up of private and social homes, as well as businesses.  The layout has pedestrians in mind rather than cars, so speed limits in and around the town are very low.

Charles weathered a lot of criticism when construction broke on Poundbury, but since then he’s received praise for his innovated idea.

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