The Royal Birth: Prince George Reacts To The News

Prince George Blue Shirt Sydney Taronga Zoo


Hark, I bring you all tidings of good news!   Let it be proclaimed across the kingdom and over far-off lands that Their Royal Highnesses, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have welcomed a bouncing baby girl. 

Little Princess of Cambridge joins her older brother, George, who – at press time – has not given a statement about the birth.  It has been reported that he’s been “wailing like a banshee” at Kensington Palace for “mummy” (just kidding.  I totally made that up.  Has absolutely nothing to do with how I felt when my sister was born).

“Who? What does ‘born mean?’ No I won’t turn it upside down, I never asked for whatever has just arrived.” – George of Cambridge


May the sibling rivalry not get so out of hand that Parliament has to intervene.  There are enough toys for everyone, and hand-me-downs build character.

God Save The Queen.

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