Australia Gives Prince Harry The Best Farewell Ever

Prince Harry Smiles Greets Crowds Sydney Opera House

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There is no better way to bid adieu to a country than to be proposed to, as was the case with Prince Harry today in Australia.  After his month-long attachment to the Australian Defense Force wrapped up, Harry greeted throngs of people outside the famous Sydney Opera House today.

“All it’s done is made me not want to finish my military career,” Harry, who announced back in March that he’d be leaving the army, said of his time with the ADF.   “I’ve been so well looked after.” 

Before an 8-day tour of New Zealand, Harry fielded marriage proposals, embraced wheelchair-bound women and accepted stuff animals on behalf of his niece, Princess Charlotte.


“It was just lovely, just lovely to give him a gift for all the charity work that he does,” Anne Woods, who gave the prince a stuffed koala, said (via Kensington Palace).


One bold Aussie put on her finest sequined dress and tiara for her grand gesture, a very public proposal followed by a kiss.

“He let me kiss him on the cheek but then I went in for it. The rest was history,” 21-year-old Victoria McRae told the Daily Mail. “It was amazing, it’s meant to be, there’s a lot of chemistry there I’d say.  I said I’d proposed twice before, that it was my third time lucky, and my sign said last chance so I said – have a think about it,” she added.


“I kissed the premier (Mike Baird) too but I didn’t know who he was. They had to tell me that. Harry was better to kiss and I got Harry’s lips, I only kissed the premier on the cheek.”

Prince Harry Bites Own Hand Joke Fans Sydney Opera House


Australians have loved hosting Harry over the past month, and appreciate his down-to-earth nature; he’s been the picture of normalcy,  photographed ordering hamburgers and hanging out in restaurants with his comrades.


“I think he’s normal and that’s why people like him, he just does his own thing,” one local, Coral Barr told the Daily Mail Australia. ‘I like seeing him in normal clothes because I think a great burden is on a young man like him.”

Daphne Dunne Wheelchair army medals holds Prince Harry face

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“I think he’s one of the boys,” her husband, Gordon, added. “I’d like to take him out for a beer, find out what he’s really like.”


While in Sydney, Harry met Lt. Ali Spealing, a British soldier who is taking part in a prosthetics procedure at Macquarie University Hospital after losing his legs in a 2011 IED explosion.  Since becoming a soldier, one of Harry’s passions is raising awareness for wounded vets.  He trekked to the South Pole in 2014 in support of Walking With The Wounded, and put on the hugely successful Invictus Games, which took place last September in London.


Harry will undertake royal duties and continue to work with his charities, including one he co-founded in his mother’s memory, Sentebale.

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  1. MARIA DE DEUS says:

    God bless you Harry I think you were always your dear Mumy’s favourite and you surelly honour her memory by being how you are and continuing her job with those who need help all over the world
    One thing is for sure your Mummy is looking down at you at all times and will always protect you

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