Will and Kate Show Off Their Family’s Newest Addition (And She’s Adorable)

prince william smiles kate middleton checks on princess charlotte lindo wing

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With her hair in those signature curls and a princess in her arms, the Jenny Packham-clad Duchess of Cambridge emerged from the Lindo Wing a mere ten hours after giving birth to the fourth-in-line to the British throne.

Swaddled in a wool shawl by G. H Hurt & Son (H/T PrinceGeorgePieces for the ID) and a cream bonnet, Her Royal Highness slept like a rock while Catherine and Prince William waved to the crowds that waited since mid-April for the new arrival. 

Seeing as Catherine gave birth and posed for photos a mere 10 hours later, she was understandably not up for giving the press a few quotes about her birth.

Pigeon flypast:

Kate Middleton Jenny Packham Dress Bird Flies Past Prince William

Ben Stevens / i-Images

According to her twitter account, Packham designed the “bespoke silk shift dress with buttercup print” for the mother-of-two to wear home.  The designer also created the blue polka dot dress Catherine wore after leaving the hospital with Prince George in 2013.

Kate Middleton Waves Holds Daughter Lindo Wing

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Hair that doesn’t quit:

Kate Checks On Daughter William Smiles Lindo Wing

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“This George fellow, he’s going to try and pull my fingers to see if they come off, isn’t he?  I’d really rather he meet me when I’m a bit pudgier and can at least sit on him.”Princess of Cambridge

Princess of Cambridge In Car Seat

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princess charlotte close-up leaves hospital newborn


Kate Waves to Crowds Holds daughter

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Kate Holds Daughter Smiles William Lindo Wing

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Kate Middleton Prince William Smile Lindo Wing New Daughter

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Kate Middleton Holds Daughter William Wave

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prince william takes kate middleton hand leave hospital princess charlotte

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Prince William Carries Princess Kate Middleton Walks To Car

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princess charlotte car seat prince william holds kate middleton hand

LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

Prince William Kate Middleton Point Crowds

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Wake me up when my spirit animal gets here.” – Princess of Cambridge

William Carries Princess Cambridge in Car

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prince william hand on back kate middleton lindo wing princess charlotte

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Expect the baby’s name to be revealed in the next few days.

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