The 6 Greatest Royal Moments From May 2015

Prince Harry Suit Funny Face Infant Girl New Zealand

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This past month proved to be an exciting one for both the royal family and their fans.  On May 2nd, the Cambridges welcomed Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.  A week or so later, Prince Harry charmed the pants off Australia and New Zealand.

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall visited Ireland and Northern Ireland, which included a stop at the village of Mullaghmore, Ireland, the site where Lord Mountbatten and others were killed in 1979 when a bomb was planted on their boat.

Prior to 2015, the most exciting month on the calendar year for royal fans was April, with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding anniversary on April 29th, and Her Majesty’s birthday on the 21st.  Now, it looks like May 2015 has been one for the royal books.

Here, in no particular order, are its best moments. 

1. Charles Can’t Hide His Elation Over a Granddaughter

Many of us are used to the older royal generations not saying one way or another how they feel about royal babies.  The Prince of Wales, however, was excited from the get-go about his William and Catherine’s second child, making no secret that he hoped for a girl.

During a recent visit to Poundbury, Charles was almost walking on air as he accepted gifts and congratulations from well-wishers, confessing that he “intends to spoil” Charlotte.

That infectious feeling carried over to his official visit, when he met little ones in East Belfast:

2. Harry Gets Cheeky With Veteran Royal Photographer

It’s no secret that Princes William and Harry have a somewhat tempestuous relationship with the press.  There is, however, one man they have a soft spot for.  Arthur Edwards, MBE has been The Sun‘s royal photographer since 1977 and has seemingly enjoyed a lovely relationship not only with the boys, but with the Duchess of Cambridge.

In fact, lip readers revealed that when the royal couple were posing for photos with Charlotte outside St. Mary’s Hospital, William said to Catherine, “look there’s Arthur.  Wave to Arthur.” (around minute 1:05).

After the royal birth came a royal tour down under, this time for Harry, who had a laugh with Edwards during a visit to TYLA Youth Development Center in New Zealand.

Such fun.

Prince Harry Purple Hand Print Arthur Edwards

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3. Harry’s Animated Faces

The Prince was a hit both in Australia and in New Zealand.  He made babies giggle (and one cry), he took part in a pub quiz and lost to his bodyguards.  Harry just had an all-around jolly good time.

Prince Harry Bites Own Hand Joke Fans Sydney Opera House


Prince Harry Suit Funny face New Zealand Wellington

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  What a sport


4. Charles’ historic visit to Mullaghmore

In August 1979, Lord Mountbatten was killed, along with one of his twin grandsons, Nicholas Knatchbull, Paul Maxwell, a 15-year-old boat boy,  and Baroness Brabourne, when a bomb was planted on their boat by the IRA.  The royal family was absolutely devastated by the loss, especially Charles, who was very close to his great-uncle.

We have all suffered too much,” Charles said during a speech in Belfast after visiting the scene. “From our shared wounds and scars, we can, I hope, I pray, share healing, and a friendship made all the stronger for the trials it has overcome.”

5. Prince George Meets His Little Sister

Prince George Gets Picked Up Prince George Lindo Wing

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Before she was admitted to hospital, mummy made sure that George wore a smart outfit to meet Princess Charlotte (this isn’t mummy’s first rodeo).  According to What Kate’s Kids Wore, Catherine selected a shirt with blue pipping and corduroy dress shorts ($159 for the set) by Rachel Riley to wear with Amaia knee socks and Start-Rite buckle shoes.

Prince William Prince George Wave Crowds Lindo Wing

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Though William had hoped that George would walk alongside him into the Lindo Wing (like he did with his father in 1984), George was having none of it.  But then, with a little encouragement, the third-in-line to the throne waved to the crowds from safety of his dad’s arms.

6. Princess Charlotte Arrives

Kate Middleton Yellow White Jenny Packham Dress Waves

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The nation – nay – the world waited for what seemed like ages (really it was a couple of weeks) before saying “hello” to Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.  Within 12 hours, the Duchess of Cambridge had gone into labor, delivered her 8 lb, 3 oz daughter and left hospital looking so good that a bunch of Russians refused to believe she had gone through childbirth.

Princess of Cambridge Bonnett Car Seat

Hooray for May!  Wasn’t that fun?  Did I miss anything?  Probably a lot? Leave a comment below.

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