Why Will and Kate May Have Chosen The Name “Charlotte”

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I asked royal commentator and former resident of Kensington Palace, Victoria Arbiter to give her thoughts on the newest Cambridge’s name, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

“William and Kate’s decision to name their daughter Charlotte Elizabeth Diana has largely been met with worldwide praise,” Arbiter told me via email.  “With a long royal history it is a traditional name that offers the continuity the monarchy is famed for, while also paying tribute to both families.  Charlotte, the feminization of Charles, is also Pippa Middleton‘s middle name.”

Historical references: “George III was married to a Charlotte. They met on their wedding day and enjoyed a very happy marriage, complete with 15 children. George III bought Buckingham House for his wife, which, today, is the site of Buckingham Palace.  Queen Charlotte is the monarchy’s longest serving consort after Prince Philip.”

Family Connections:  “Charlotte is also the name of Earl Spencer‘s youngest daughter and William’s cousin. He has other cousins named George, Alexander and Louis, names that William used for his own little boy.”

Honoring Her Majesty: “Elizabeth was the only certainty in choosing a name and it is especially fitting given our Queen will become the longest-serving monarch in history this September. Elizabeth also happens to be a middle name shared by Kate and her mother Carole, as well as the name of Charles’s adored grandmother, the Queen’s mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon.”


A Moving Tribute: “As for Diana, what a fitting and appropriate way to pay tribute to William’s mother. It is placed perfectly so as not to be a burden on the new baby while also honouring her late grandmother.”


It comes as no surprise that the name has been universally approved.”

Victoria Arbiter has appeared a royal commentator on ABC News, The Early Show on CBS, CNN and CTV News, to name a few.  Follow her on Twitter.


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9 thoughts on “Why Will and Kate May Have Chosen The Name “Charlotte”

  1. Kate says:

    Not sure if they knew this or not, but the baby was also born 199 years to the day on Princess Charlotte of Wales’ wedding to Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld.

  2. Diana says:

    I had to read it a few times (in different places) before I caught that the Queen Charlotte was married to a King George. I doubt that was entirely intentional on their part (naming siblings after a married couple would be strange) but it’s nice all the significance the names have! They were able to honor a lot of people with their choices!

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