Skinny Jeans Might Be Bad For Your Health, Your Royal Highness

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Earlier this week, news broke of an Australia woman being rushed to the hospital after helping a friend move house all day.

It turns out that the woman was wearing skinny jeans, and because of the squatting, picking up boxes and manual labor involved with moving, she began to lose feeling in her legs.

According to NPR, the woman collapsed on the sidewalk while walking home, unable to get up.  After four hours, she was found and rushed to the ER where doctors had to cut open her skinny jeans because her muscles were severely damaged.  Continue reading

Queen Elizabeth Breaks Out The Good Jewels For German State Dinner

Queen Elizabeth Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara

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Tonight, the Queen attended a state dinner at the 18th century  Bellevue Palace, German President Joachim Gauk’s official residence.  Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh are undertaking a four-day official visit to the country where their ancestors hail from; up until 1918 the House of Windsor was part of the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.

The Queen wore a tiara we’ve seen many times before, the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland, originally gifted to her grandmother, Queen Mary.   Read the fascinating story behind this tiara. Continue reading

A Diary of One’s Royal Stay In Palm Springs

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Since becoming a California resident, Palm Springs has been a place of refuge for yours truly.  Some say the desert is a healing, peaceful place.  Even if you’re not into that holistic language (in the words of Avery Jessup, “hippie nonsense”) Palms Springs is SUPER.

Last weekend, The Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism invited me to take a look at the royal family’s history with Sunnylands, the estate of Ambassador Walter and Leonore Annenberg (more on that in a separate post).

I stayed at the newly renovated Colt’s Lodge, a boutique hotel co- owned by interior designer Jon Nelson and theater veteran Frank Young.  Each of the spacious 11 rooms on the property has a different theme, personally designed by Nelson.

Colt's Lodge Fountain

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You wouldn’t know it from the outside, but once you step through a glorious entrance and on to the property, you’re immediately transported into a lush oasis featuring sky-high palm trees, flowers, desert plants, sculptures and a gorgeous fountain that I tried very hard not to jump into (there’s a crystal-clear pool in which to do such a thing).  Continue reading

Former Reality Star Sofia Hellqvist Becomes a Princess

Prince Carl Philip Princess Sofia Just Married Sweden

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Female commoners, may I have your attention.   Former reality star and saucy model Sofia Hellqvist has done the impossible by marrying an adorable Swedish Prince.

Tell your mother to forget about the doctors, lawyers and hedge fund jamokes.  Your expectations just underwent a major upgrade, and now you won’t consider any man who doesn’t come with a title.  Continue reading