Prince George and Princess Charlotte Pull Off The Most Dignified of Photoshoots

Prince George's Photogenic Face

Hurrah!  The throne’s third-in-line held #4 in his arms as the Duchess of Cambridge captured their first moments as an heir and a consipiring spare brother and sister.  Prince George, wearing his Rachel Riley cord shirt and short set (an outfit repeater just like mum), helped his two-month-old sister, Princess Charlotte pose for photos.  Charlotte was dressed in Irulea,  reportedly a gift from her nanny, Maria Borrallo’s mother, according to What Kate’s Kids Wore.

Kensington Palace released a set of four photos at 9pm GMT yesterday, each one taken by Catherine, who is an amateur photographer

1. The Something-Doesn’t-Smell-Right


Charlotte: “Sorry, everyone.  That was me.  My bad.”

George: “Can someone please take this. I’m about to get sick all over my knee socks.”  

2. The I-Know-Exactly-What-I’m-Doing


Charlotte: “I see right through this, George.” 

George: “Lock it up, or I’ll bump you behind Bea and Eug.  Don’t try me, because I”ll do it!” 

3. The Intentional Only-Child Nostalgia


George: “Hah!”

Charlotte: “What?”

George: “I just remembered something funny that happened before you were born.”

4. The They-Think-I’m-Posing-But-I’m-Really-Just-Marveling-At-This-Soft-Fabric


George: “I need to pop into that knitting shop in Spain. This material feels like it was made by angels.”

Charlotte: “Yeah.  I’ve peed in it three times and it stills feels kinda brand-new.”

Catherine was first seen taking photos of Prince William in July 2011, when he performed a water landing in a sea king helicopter during a royal visit to Prince Edward Island.


Catherine’s photo skills were again showcased in November 2012, when she shared images taken during a visit to the Research Station at Danum Valley, Borneo, Malaysia, one stop on the couple’s Diamond Jubilee tour of South East Asia.

Catherine studied the history of art at St. Andrews, and in 2007 curated her first photo exhibit for photographer Alistair Morrison, according to the Evening Standard.

“She is very, very good, and it shows. She takes very beautiful detailed photographs,” Morrison said at the time. “She has a huge talent and a great eye. I’m sure she will go far.”

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