Royal Ascot 2015: A Recap of Hats, Bea’s Fashion and Fergie

Stephen Lock, Andrew Parsons/i-images

Stephen Lock, Andrew Parsons/i-images

The Brits really love horse racing.  Like, a lot.


Well, maybe not all Brits. 


The five days of Royal Ascot are over, but it was a parade of jaunty hats, royals working themselves up into a horse tizzy.

fergie princess beatrice royal box ascot day 4

Ben Stevens/i-Images

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have yet to make an appearance at Royal Ascot, but did attend Epsom Downs in 2011 about a month after their wedding.

Princess Beatrice emerged victorious in the Best Dressed stakes.  One day, she paired Beulah London‘s “Seraphina” trapeze dress with a hat by Laura Apsit Livens, ID’d by HRH Countess of Wessex.

Princess Eugenie White Dress Ladies Day Royal Ascot 2015

Andrew Parsons / i-Images

Bea’s clutch. So fetch, if fetch were a thing.

Princess Beatrice Dave Clark Royal Ascot Day 4

Ben Stevens / i-Images

Day one saw Beatrice wearing a hat by Nereida Fraiman and a bright ensemble by Fiona Clare, according to the Daily Mail.  Some don’t like it.  I love it.

Princess beatrice royal ascot day one

Stephen Lock / i-Images

The Queen’s oldest grandson, Peter Phillips, and his wife, Autumn.


Sophie looked marvelous in each outfit she wore, but I especially loved her Alice Lee dress and hat by Jane Taylor, again, ID’d by HRH Countess of Wessex.

Another great Jane Taylor hat (below), as confirmed by the milliner herself via Twitter.

Sophie Countess Wessex Day One Royal Ascot

Stephen Lock / i-Images

Excellent form, Countess.

Prince Harry Zara Phillips Day One Royal Ascot

Andrew Parsons / i-Images

After being forced to confirm that she is not pregnant following day one of Royal Ascot (never, ever ask/speculate/assume a woman is with child unless you heart it from her – or her rep’s – mouth, for heaven’s sake), Zara Phillips came back looking splendid.

Mind the hat.

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh attended all five days of the races, no small feat considering she is 89 and he, 94.  Good show!

The Queen Pink Coat Royal Ascot Day One

Stephen Lock / i-Images

Welp, have a great night.

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