Skinny Jeans Might Be Bad For Your Health, Your Royal Highness

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Earlier this week, news broke of an Australia woman being rushed to the hospital after helping a friend move house all day.

It turns out that the woman was wearing skinny jeans, and because of the squatting, picking up boxes and manual labor involved with moving, she began to lose feeling in her legs.

According to NPR, the woman collapsed on the sidewalk while walking home, unable to get up.  After four hours, she was found and rushed to the ER where doctors had to cut open her skinny jeans because her muscles were severely damaged. 


Normally muscles can expand to compensate for swelling, but there was a tourniquet effect, so the muscles had to expand inwards and compressed blood vessels and nerves,” Dr. Thomas Kimber, who treated the patient, told CNN.

Let us look back on the Duchess of Cambridge’s skinny jeans with fondness and envy, and may God protect those royal gams from any such injury.


Alright – let’s go find our sweatpants and pretend they’re fashionable!

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