The Queen Is Greeted in the Most Gentlemanly (And Adorable) Manner

Queen Elizabeth Princess Michael of Kent Eye Patch Epsom

James Whatling/Splash News

If this is not the most gracious, chivalrous and well-meaning how-do-you-do, then I am a monkey’s uncle.

On Saturday, Her Majesty attended the Epsom races, alongside her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh and Princess Michael of Kent

RULE BRITANNIA (and God Bless Chris Jackson for being a superb photographer)

Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who is the son of Dubai’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, shared the most wonderful photo of his son, Mohammed bin Ahmed Jaber Al Harbi, meeting the Queen.  Royalista found the Instagram video and shared it with readers, and I feel it is my duty to pass it along to you fine people.

The boy took off his top hat and approached the Queen, sticking out his hand for a handshake.  What transpired was a delightful meeting of the minds, with her Majesty pleasantly surprised to be greeted by such a young person in a smart outfit.

“Nothing defines respect better than a proper handshake!” the Crown Prince wrote in the caption.

Too right.

Well done, young sir.  You have my permission to tell everyone that you are a scholar and a gentleman.


Princess Michael of Kent, quite possibly one of my favorite royals, wore an eye patch to match her outfit for the occasion. Her Royal Highness underwent eye surgery in May, but has not lost her will to carry one. Tally ho!

That’s a jolly hat:

Do you carry Claritin for this one?

The couple that wears garrish hats together:

I’m telling granny you got into her window treatments:

Bless this:

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2 thoughts on “The Queen Is Greeted in the Most Gentlemanly (And Adorable) Manner

  1. AF says:

    Crown Prince Hamdan is unmarried and has no children, I think that little boy must be a nephew or cousin. Either way, though, what an adorable moment! He looks very pleased with himself!

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