12 Times Prince George Regretted His Outfit Choices

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His Royal Highness, Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, turns 2 today, and it’s anybody’s guess how he’ll spend it.  Perhaps putting another X on the “Days ‘Til I’m a King Like Simba” calendar, or perhaps sticking Legos into his little sister’s ear to see if it will come out the other.

Either way, grandma Middleton will decorate the venue with whatever theme little boys are into these days – Thomas the Tank Engine?  Henry VIII’s court?  “Splendid display, pleb,” he’ll tell Carole.  “Next time, please be sure that the bunting is made on tapestries rather than paper.  This isn’t some knees-up in Berkshire.”

Prince George Wombat Governor-General


To celebrate 730 days of George, let’s go inside the mind of a young gentleman to discover what he really thinks of those outfits.  Continue reading

Pippa Middleton Writes Another Out-of-Touch Story, Does Her Image No Favors

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I’ve tried to defend her against critics, but there’s only so much one can do when faced with a Workouts 101 story that belongs in an era when physical fitness was a brand new concept.


The Daily Mail had a whale of a time mocking Pippa Middleton‘s Waitrose Column on working out, where she doled out gems like “Working harder will increase your metabolic rate, not only during exercise but for a few hours after too,” and “Regular power walks at a moderate-to-high intensity will give you those wonderful endorphins – invaluable to staying positive and crunching calories.”  Continue reading

It’s Time The Media Gave Pippa and James Middleton a Break

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On July 10th, the Daily Mail published yet another story criticizing Pippa and James Middleton, calling them “nearly royals” and questioning their usefulness to society.

What started Richard Kay‘s rant was the family christening photo taken by Mario Testino inside Sandringham, the Queen’s Norfolk estate.  Kay pointed out that the Cambridges have, for a second time, foregone the tradition of a photo with godparents only in favor of including the Duchess of Cambridge‘s family.  It’s a move that shouldn’t come as surprise to anyone, given how close William is to the Middletons.

And yet, Kay expresses his disappointment at seeing Carole, Michael, Pippa and James Middleton posing alongside the Duchess of Cornwall, the Prince of Wales and the Mountbatten-Windsor patriarch, the Duke of Edinburgh.

“Noting the family’s ‘expensively tailored clothes’  worn for Charlotte’s christening is an obvious example of Mr. Kay’s low blows,” What Kate Wore‘s Susan Kelley told me via email.  “It’s irrelevant whether he approves of the Middletons inclusion in the group photo; that wasn’t his call to make. And as they were included, would he prefer the family don tattered remnants for the photo? Of course not. It’s a mean-spirited aside intended to illustrate his distaste for commoners being part of the picture.” Continue reading

Prince Philip Drops an F-Bomb, Remains My Favorite Royal

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If there is anyone who can say whatever he wants without the need for an apology, it’s the Duke of Edinburgh.  The man has earned his right to tell you when you’re dragging your feet.

Famous for his “gaffes,” Prince Philip, 94, has long been criticized for saying exactly what’s on his mind, regardless of whether or not it offends his company.  In fact, royal reporter Phil Dampier put together a delightful book of Philip’s zingers.  Philip is hilariously irreverent, and very smart, to boot.

Let’s not forget that this guy was born into a broken family, shipped off to different royal relatives around Europe and never once publicly complained.  He has served as a Naval officer, was a total dish in his day, and has always, always respected his wife. Continue reading

Nicky Hilton’s Valentino Gown Is The Stuff of Dreams

Nicky Hilton Valentino Gown Wedding London

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I am no fan of the family, but today Nicky Hilton looked like a royal bride.  Wearing a custom-designed Valentino gown and a veil that got caught in the tire of a Bentley, Hilton married married British banking heir James Rothschild at The Orangery at Kensington Palace.

Paris Hilton looked kind of miserable, and I’m not sorry I said that because she’s pretty terrible and has no regard for anyone other than herself.  Continue reading

Why Royal Biographer Claudia Joseph is So Good At Her Job

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I first read one of Claudia Joseph‘s biographies, Kate: The Making of a Princess in 2011, just a few months before the royal wedding.  Since then I’ve read a number of books on Catherine, William and a number of other royals, but few authors have been able to keep me hooked like Joseph, who doesn’t glaze over details of Catherine’s upbringing and her relationship with William.  For example, in Making of a Princess, Joseph introduced readers to Kate’s ancestors, which allowed for a better understanding of who she is and, perhaps, why she is where is she today.

Joseph’s new book, William and Kate’s Britain (Splendid Publications, Ltd), explores the places that the royal couple have visited, whether frequently or for an official visit.  From St. Andrews University to the bakery that made the royal wedding cake, Joseph literally left no stone unturned.  Continue reading